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Thursday, November 08, 2012

I have a bunch of random stuff on my mind this morning and I feel like sharing. Here we go:

I don't tolerate bigotry, intolerance or ignorance of any kind. I come from an amazing lineage. African and Hungarian on one side and African and Native American on the other. It makes it easy for me to relate to every shade of person and it also means I get a beatiful golden tan in the summer. THANKS GRAMPS!! emoticon I was the mother of a child with special needs, the cousin of a boy with autism, the niece and cousin of homosexuals, and the list goes on. I love them all and wouldn't change them. If you don't like them or me, or better yet, if you don't like OUR president simply because he looks like ME and not like YOU, SCREW YOU! That is in no way a political endorsement, it is recognizing that I have witnessed people validating their dislike of him with bigoted comments and attempting to backup those comments with "facts" that are really "opinions" which are really dumb because their is proof otherwise and then having the nerve to say you are a Christian but then use speak words of hate and judgement. As a TRUE Christian I will pray for our nation as a whole, our president in particular, and for Governor Romney and his family through this time.

Glad I got that out of the way. Second on my agenda: How happy I am that Mike & Ike broke up! I hate having to pick out the nasty green and yellow ones. Now I can get only the delicious ones. And a serving of 23 candies is only 140 calories! Starburst caught the hint too and now makes only Reds which has all their berry flavors one in a pack.

emoticon emoticon ****TMI ALERT!!! TMI ALERT!!! TMI ALERT!!!*** emoticon emoticon
I have been extremely constipated lately. emoticon This morning I had the worst cramps. I think I know the culprit. I NEED TO STOP EATING BREAD AND RED MEAT COMPLETELY! I know this would help. Currently I only eat red meat 2-3 times a month, usually in the form of lean ground beef. Last night I had a 10 oz steak. Taste good going down, immediately I felt like I had made a mistake. I felt bloated and tight. Yesterday at lunch I had a small baguette with my soup. Considering that I ate both bread and red meat yesterday and I have been slowly reducing them in my diet, would fully explain why I felt like crap this morning. I have been drinking green tea to try to ease the discomfort. I just wish I had the willpower to get rid of bread for good.

I get my hair done Saturday morning and I am sooo excited. I have been wearing a sew-in weave for 6 months ( not the same one) and for all my beautiful Caucasian brothers and sisters, a sew-in is very similar to your extensions. My entire life I had this full, thick, reddish brown mane of hair. Literally, it looked like this

except a lot bigger. It had its advantages and disadvantages. The plus, when my hair was flat-ironed, it was GLORIOUS!! It was very long, thick and flowy. The down-side, it was too hard to manage, the moment it was touched by any moisture it would turn into a cotton ball and it didn't have much versatility. A couple of years ago, to the dismay of my family, friends and hairdresser, I chopped it off. I had it cut into a very short pixie. I loved it!! Well when I decided to start this weight loss journey for the second time around, I didn't want to worry about my hair, so I got a sew-in. And I must say, my hairdresser did an amazing job because everyone thinks its my hair! Well Saturday I am taking it out (human hair is waaay too expensive) and gettng my hair cut and colored. Hopefully I will have a cute bob. I just hope that it doesn't slow down my workouts because us black women do not like getting our hair messed up!!!

Well, I think that is all the potpourri I have on my mind right now. Feel free to add your own random thoughts. Don't feel free to comment if you have something political to say! THANKS A BUNCH!
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    I couldn't live without red meat; if I don't eat it for a week it's like I'm turning into a vampire and I'm thirsty for blood emoticon

    I hope your hair looks fabulous! emoticon
    This period of time I always lose hair, it's the season I guess (do you think this is gonna show a difference in the scale ? emoticon )

    emoticon emoticon
    2021 days ago
    Loved your blog! Love it when people are honest about everything :) And, you're funny! In regards to your upset stomach and bread love---I took gluten out of my diet b/c I was having lots of symptoms when I ate food with it, and I feel a MILLION times better! Hoping you are not as sensitive as me to it and the other people that suffer from Celiac Disease.

    Hope you'll post pics of your hair!

    Keep on being honest with lots of random stuff :)
    2022 days ago
    Love the photo of the Lion's mane as it relates to your hair. I'm a naturalista and wear braids and wigs all the time as my hair is extremely thin in my crown due to anemia. I've had braids for 6 weeks which is extremely rare for me. I can't take a hairsytle more than 3 weeks. But it works with going to the gym. Can't wait to get off today and take them out. It's hard doing wigs and working out but I just purchased 2 human hair ones to see if they work with working out. I hope your new hairstyle turns out great. Can't wait to see a photo.
    2022 days ago
  • DALID414
    emoticon Mike & Ike
    2022 days ago
  • SARAL72
    I hope you will be happy with your new hair style! can't wait to see the photos! I'm thinking about changing color too, because white is really showing on my dark hair right now, and since I lost a lot of hair when I got really sick in 2006 (treatment saved my life but killed my hair! but I'm still very lucky and thankful to be alive!) and it didn't grow back completely, it is kind of "see through" on top of my head. My hair dresser did a great job one month ago with some nice high lights, it was like I got my hair from before 2006 again!....but he just moved to NYC a few days ago! emoticon and it always takes me for ever to find a hairdresser I like... I guess I will try the new color myself this time..and hope for the best!

    I loved the photo of the lion!! I feel like that often too! and even if we do not have the same type of hair, my hair is naturally curly, it turns into crazy curls if I get near the rain...I can only brush it when it's wet, or I look like a lion too ..only it's a dark brown/black lion ....with alopecia! emoticon
    2023 days ago
    I think you have an excellent attitude about our country and I thank you for praying for EVERYONE- it's not our place to decide who "deserves" prayers and who doesn't! Hopefully this isn't too political- sorry if it is...
    2023 days ago
  • DAVIS_6311
    It's crazy what our bodies decide is good or bad for us!! I hope you can tame that addition! I doubt I could...bread is my LOVE! LOL! I'm sure your hair will look great when its done!
    2023 days ago
    In my opinion race/gender/sexual preference should have never come into any conversation regarding politics. Has nothing to do with it. But unfortunately some people dont see it that way.
    Now that I have cut out wheat completely, the one time I decided I was too lazy to cook myself something and had a peice of pizza...oh my dear goodness my stomach was so unhappy with me!! Wont make that mistake again! And I found a recipe for pizza on a portobello mushroom top...sooo delicious!!
    Good Luck with your hair! Cant wait to see pictures!
    2023 days ago
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