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Thursday, November 08, 2012

There is nothing magical about January 1st. Our bodies don't burn double calories in January. We don't suddenly wake up on Jan. 1st and discover that we are obese. It's not like one can get to 175 - 200-250 -300 pounds and not KNOW they are. Yet I guarantee you come Jan. 1st the sparkpeople site will be sluggish from all the "new joins". Now I'm not knocking people joining Sparkpeople but what I'm trying to do is make a point.

If you, like 1000's of others, are mentally saying "I'll get serious on Jan. 1" what you are really saying is "I give myself permission to slack on exercise and eat what I want for the next 7 weeks."

Here is the problem: With that kind of "stinkin' thinkin'" you could easily gain another 5-10-15 pounds in 7 weeks. That means you will spend your first few weeks just getting back to where you are now. We all know many fizzle out after 2-3 weeks on a "diet" anyway so all your sacrifice and sweat in early January will be for what... to just be RIGHT where you are now.

See the problem? There is a solution and it doesn't mean the holidays have to be spartan and dismal. DON'T wait. Start now. Even if you have an occasional holiday treat and a big meal on your specific holiday if you are tracking your food and exercising consistently through the 1st you won't gain. You might even lose.

Take a calendar and look at the weeks until the 1st. Now circle the days where you know you will have parties/events etc. Let those be the ONLY days you eat out of range. Now pencil in cardio the day after any of those events to help rev up your metabolism to process all that food. Add at least two other days to each week to get some cardio.

Are you getting the picture? It's a plan. It's a simple plan, but it will help you avoid a gain.

Now one more thing. If you are in charge of any of those holiday dinners, why not prepare at least 2 dishes that are healthy? Take Thanksgiving. Make a green salad or prepare a healthy vegetable MINUS the heavy sauce to go with the turkey. If it's a Christmas dinner think about some roasted root vegetables or brussels sprouts.

Also - if someone gives you a food gift (say candy, fudge, cookies) think about sharing it with your office or giving it to a shut-in.


Jan. 1st will be just another day in your j0urney so get started now!

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