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Frustraion has revelaed itself, uh oh.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Well, now I am very confused what the next step should be. So I will blog until I find a path.

OK, for 30+ years, I could not ride a bike, due to an un-repaired fractured back. I walked, hiked, gardened etc to maintain my back for the duration.
Jan 2012 I had no option and had VERY successful back surgery.
After 5 months of PT, a knee injury was revealed as well requiring a surgical repair.
OK...Here it is early Nov.
I have completed all PT.
I have ridden a stationary bike 3-5 days a week the first many months, and increased after knee surgery to 5-7 days.
I also increased from 5 miles/ride, to 10 miles 2x/week, then by Mid sept 10 miles 5 days/week.
October I tried my first 20 mile ride.
Last week I rode 20 miles 5 days out of 7. these rides were on a neighbors, stationary recumbent bike. At PT, I rode upright 2-3 x/week. neighbors came home, (No more house sitting and borrowing their bike) and I promised I'd move off to the gym for my rides, which I did.

The gym bikes are gross.
Wet as one rider hops off and folks 'fight' for a bike.
I have wiped off seats, handles etc.
I have been wearing my clean gym pants and shower and wash pants every day, right after.

I got a blister on my bum last Friday. (After riding my 5th 20 mile ride) Teensy
blister, but a blister.

OK, I have a gel seat that fits the spinning bike seats.
(Impossible to get in spin class during day apparently)
This gel seat does not fit these other stationary bike seats.

So, now I am nursing my bottom and its healing just fine.
I am obsessively trying to uncover a plan for what to do next.

I am trying to ride the bike, as a main exercise to save my knee. (I used to walk like crazy, not sure if I can do that now, just some times)
Options seem to be the obvious,
1.Ride upright or recumbent bike at gym. (Germ issue)
2. Purchase new bike and move outside (No evidence my wrists can hold up to much of this)
3. Modify my old bike, add new seat and/gel seat , on trainer (we have this almost ready to use already, but my neighbor burns horrible wood all winter and I cannot breathe safely outside on my deck)
4. Move trainer bike, inside my house and use it there...WHERE? I have a very tiny home, seriously.
5. Change gyms, where they have cleaner bikes, more spin class options.

I LOVE being outside. This would be preferable. I hate the idea of spending all the money for a new bike and finding my wrists cannot hold up. Hmmm.

Lots of questions.
And my frustration has revealed itself.
Guess I will have to keep working through this until a solution, or many solutions are more apparent.

But persist I will, not to worry.
I am at the same time that I write this very excited I have no fitness issue with riding many miles. Just gotta get the bum figured emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yeah, you're gym sounds a bit crazy...there is never waiting for bikes at my gym, only the nicer ellipticals!

    The wrist issue is tricky, I has lots of wrist issues, and even had that EMG study, which turned out OK, but I did find that I was putting too much pressure on my hands/wrists, especially on the downhill, and the bumping from the mountain bike didn't help either, but you may not have that problem if you are on the road. Not sure how hilly your outdoor rides would be, but like Cassie said, the gloves help, and positioning of the bar, and keeping elbows and shoulders loose helps too. (I tend to tighten up and lock out my joints, not good! but can be unlearned...) Also the fit of the bike would be critical, and the bike shop would be able to help with that too.

    Hope you find a good solution that works for all your issues!
    1991 days ago
    My first choice, like you and Wood is any activity outside, but I'd also maybe check out a new gym if you have others in your area? The gym (actually village rec center) that I occasionally use (and will be using more often as our winter weather "gets going" ) is actually pretty strict about people wiping off the equipment when they are done with each machine .... Maybe because its a newer facility, or not one of the big nation-wide chains of fitness centers, but it is actually pretty clean! (My only problem is its a 20 min drive one way for me to get there, so I have to kind of "be strict with myself" and make the trip)...
    1992 days ago
    You know me, I'd have to go with the outdoor option when possible, but I'm not sure how to handle the wrist thing. Is that something that can improve with PT as well?
    I even sold my stationary bike. Simply could not get into riding in my basement.

    Keep looking the solution is out there.

    Life is good!

    1993 days ago
  • ORANGE81
    I understand the sore on your bottom and the gym problems. My husband got me a bike at a yard sale and it is good because like you I have a knee problem. So I use the recumbent bike. I know the wires that work the resistance are slowly going and it costs money to get a new one which I am lacking. So can or do you have craig's list maybe you can get one cheap. I had back surgery so my knee isnt having any more done than the mri. I had 2 surgeries this year and refuse another so I either walk or ride my ole bike. Good luck and that's great how far you ride you must be really happy with that mileage and for you to keep it up I say outstanding!!!!!!! emoticon
    1993 days ago
    Ooooh, I hate frustration. It's so ..... FRUSTRATING!

    I love the outdoor option myself, and begrudgingly head into the basement each fall. I would suggest a trip in to a real bike store. They may have some ideas for your wrists. I know they helped me with my problem of my arms and hands falling asleep. It turns out that I was putting pressure on the ulnar nerve, so they changed the angle of the handle bars and gave me some padded bike gloves (the padding spreads the pressure over a larger area. I would never have known that without their help, so don't be afraid to ask.

    I'm sorry I don't have any good ideas for you.
    1993 days ago
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