Feeling Better

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dear all

Although I cheated and ate unhealthily on Friday (post-weigh in), I continued my healthy habits after that.

I had a few meal replacements to make sure I did not exceed my calories again.
I am not a fan of them but they are convenient when I have no time to prepare a healthy lunch before work.

My workouts have been going great. I increased my cardio and will be exploring outside running this week end.

My next weigh-in is this friday, considering my "cheating". I am not expecting much loss. But I hope there will be no gain.

Things are also better at home with my mum. We both agreed that my body was slowing down the weight loss and that I will take as much time as needed to get to my goal. No pressure from her and no more worries about me wanting to loose too much weight.

As you can see I have learnt to be more patient and I am regaining my mother's support. Gladly. I do not talk too much about my diet anymore and live life with my new healthy habits.

A little progress I thought I would let you know.

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