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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

we'll I weighed myself and havent lost anything this month so I know when I go to the doctor on monday I will get a fill. I dont know why but everytime i get one it feels like i have failed in some way. Im not sure what is normal as far as how many fills you get before you get to where you want to be. I know most of it is my fault eatting the wrong foods .
I was in for a shock when I dropped rebekah off at the babysitter today. I know kids are out of school because of elections but this was not good. I walk up to the door and 3 kids are sitting on the porch well to not drop to conclusions I was like this is a townhouse they could belong to the other houses. no. 1 was the babysitters son who looks to be 6 ok. then 2 other kids one looks to be 9 the other 6.
I walk into the house and I am greeted by a stumbling little girl and a walking ok little girl thats 2 right off about about 1 year old.
I walk into the living room and there on the couch was a girl about 2.
a little boy sitting on the floor around 7 months
a girl about 4 walking around
and another girl about 2 so lets add this up inside the house was 6 kids Rebekah made 7 under the age of 4 possible 3 years of age. I know this is illegal you can only have 5 under the age of 2 and that is the limit and to add the kids outside we are up to 10 kids in a townhouse. I was shocked one of the questions i asked before i went down there was how many kids do you watch 10 was not the answer. so here i am the delima of what do i do. I am on my way to work I dont have any one last minute i could take her to. so im watching the room counting the kids i know at least 5 times to make sure my numbers are right . All of the kids were well behaved and I know most if not all of them would be gone by 3:30 I got there at 2:00 The room is clean and the kids are clean. no one looks upset so I went ahead and left her. But I tell ya this leaving a child with the babysitter thing is testing me. But what can I do . I have posted and posted for a babysitter to come to the house no one will respond. I put in a application with the local hosptial that has child care connections no one answered me. I have asked around . I work 2nd shift so I can not take her to a day care. I dont know what people in my situation does for childcare. I tried to stay at home and watch other people's kids but didnt get any response to that so Im at a loss really.
I am going to talk with my doctor who does my fills I know some of my problem has to be stress and lack of sleep. she still gets up every 3 hours and eats when the time changed I went to bed sunday at 12:00 and she was up at 3 and did not go back to sleep she took a 20 min nap at 5 and that was it. I then had to go and work 10 hours last night I went to bed around 12:35 up at 3 and then up again at 5 for the day. and now I am working a 10 hour day. I can't lie around all day I still have kids to take care of a house that needs cleaned quilting to do . I dont have a lot of time to eat before work so when I do get to work I feel like all I do is eat.
I am so looking forward to getting some time off next week. emoticon
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    2021 days ago
  • CHYNNA81
    Hi it's me Chynna, where are you and do you not qualify for Head Start or Early Head Start. in your area?

    Getting your fill is a good thing because maybe you will get to that sweet spot everyone talks about. So don't feel like you failed because of stress. We are human and not perfect.. Please don't be so hard on yourself.

    Now the ratio is 1:10 for children age 3-5 and 1:5 for children 2 and under. I guess it depends on your state but the regs are the same across the board.

    I hope this info helps in some way.
    2022 days ago
    aw honey--Im so sorry about the stress!!!-- Exercise girl!!! If no time then use your lunch break!!- I was in the same boat with daycare when I was active duty and single!!!- I had no choice sometimes. You will get through this rought patch!!- As for a fill ===your doc can help find your sweet spot!! I may need one too!!_ Hugs and Im here for you if you need to talk-Crystal emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2022 days ago
    I feel so bad for you and I know how badly you would want to stay home with your daughter! Where this country is headed is nowhere and fast. I fear for all of us. I'm thinking of you and hoping for the best.
    2022 days ago
    I have a lapband so a fill is when they put in fluid . you start with none and they slowly add making the band tighter. No I dont live in a city Im in the country and its rual at that. but we have a lot of factory's that work around the clock so you would think after hour child care wouldnt be so hard to get.
    2022 days ago
    I can't quite figure out what you mean by a "fill"--you mean a prescription refill? If you need an RX refilled, it is not a bad thing on you, it is not a failure. YOU are not a failure if you need to keep seeing a doc.

    The babysitter I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time finding one that meets your requirements. If you live in a larger city, isn't there sometimes childcare places open for parents who don't work 9-5?


    2022 days ago
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