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Getting Comfortable

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

That's what got me motivated last time...the desire to be comfortable...and it's what's motivating me this time, too.

This time, when I regained weight, I have a lot of belly fat from cortisol. I stopped working out, I stopped watching what I was eating, and I let my stress level become nearly catastrophic.

My thyroid shut down some, and I'm on meds for that, but that's not the underlying problem. My habits are.

And here's what's happened. I'm uncomfortable. My clothes don't fit, my belly fat bothers me, my feet hurt because I have too much weight on them and I have osteoporosis. I don't like how I look in pictures, and I'm avoiding doing some things because of how I feel like I look.

I was uncomfortable with my life, and I made some massive changes there. I'm still very uncomfortable with some things in my life, but I'm comfortable with it overall because now it belongs fully to me and I like the path I'm on.

I can make another big change by getting this back under control as well, by getting to a place where I'm comfortable with my body again. At first it's going to be quite uncomfortable in some ways, but I'm going to like it, too, because I'll like the path I'm on.

To be happy and comfortable with myself physically this week, I need to accomplish the following by Sunday night:

Burn off 2500 calories
Get a scale back in my bathroom
Make a new motivational poster for my bathroom
Get a weight calendar in my bathroom for daily tracking
Turn on the food planner, just for a week, and follow it.
Get my refrigerator cleaned out, and restocked with healthy food
Get my pantry cleaned out, and restock it with healthy food.

Yep, if I do all that, I'll be pretty comfortable with myself for the week.

In the rest of my life, to be comfortable, I'll....well, I'll make a private list about that. :) I wouldn't be comfortable putting all that out here.
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