It's been a long time since I Sparked!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hi friends...even though I have taken several months away from SparkPeople, I hadn't forgotten how important it is to stay tuned into a healthy lifestyle. My health has been in the forefront of my mind and I have made great strides the past few months. Before the summer, I made a confession that I had regained weight and that I was very unhappy with that. I've had a lifetime of ups and downs on the scale and had never adopted a healthy forever lifestyle, but I'm very happy to report today that I am 1 stinkin' pound away from my lowest ever adult weight and I couldn't be happier! I have worked so hard for this.

I have been working out regularly the past few years. I don't give up my workouts unless a very important family or work event prevents me from going. My workouts are like dr just can't cancel! My food was out of control though. I was eating way too much even though most of the time my food choices were good ones. I was simply eating large quantities and doing a whole lot of mindless emotional eating. I had to really pull it in and start tracking my daily intake and also realizing when I was eating out of emotion or when I was eating because I was truly hungry...which was next to never. It was hard at first. I wanted to eat all the time. But a few weeks into this new awareness, I got in the habit of stopping before eating to actually say "Why am I eating right now? Is it to nouriish my body and provide me with energy or is it because I'm afraid of something, frustrated, angry, tired?" The more conscious I became about why I was eating, the more in control I felt and the weight started coming off. I pray it continues! This time I can envision myself getting to a healthy weight...and more importantly...staying there!
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