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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Well, I nervously waited for James to show up at the coffeehouse last night. I decided to read my book while I waited. emoticon When he showed up he was wearing a cowboy hat and smelled very nice. He was even better looking in person then he was in his pictures. emoticon

We went into the coffeehouse and ordered two hot coffees. emoticon He sat in the back where we could talk and laugh. We actually hung out for an hour in the coffeehouse. We talked about politics, parents, kids, work and our interest. emoticon I did not want the date to end so I suggested we take a walk in downtown Greenville. emoticon We walked for an hour. He was very shy and reserved. I took my hand and held his. He just started grinning like Chester the cat. emoticon emoticon

I could have walked for hours but we both had to get back to our kids. emoticon So nearing the end of our date I decided I wanted to kiss him. emoticon I knew he would not make the move. So I politely asked if I could kiss him. That was it. I was done.

Good Kisser, Good Job, Good Looking, Smelled Good and Great Conversation!!!... It was soooo Good!!!! emoticon

After leaving, he text me an hour later... we are sooo doing it again!!! emoticon
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