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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


" Before beginning any exercise program, consult your physician! This is ESPECIALLY important for persons over age 35 or persons with pre-existing health problems."


I am just having to laugh at myself tonight. Today is day one of my strength training goal. I want to say up front that I get kudos for getting up, dressing up, and showing up. So there. emoticon

Beyond that, it gets pretty comical..........First of all, I bought the Jillian Michaels' Ultimate 3 in 1 aerobic step which comes with the risers, resistance bands, balance disc and and exercise chart. I bought it so my older clients could use it in the salon to make it easier to get in and out of the pedicure throne. ( yeah, I know what you're thinking and it is fine to keep that smile on your face) Anyway, my husband was listening to me wonder out loud what the heck I was going to do for strength yesterday and he reminded me of this phenomenal piece of workout equipment available to me right here at home! ( can you hear the commercial? )

Needless to say, I decided I was going to use it for it's intended purpose.......tonight. It took me about an hour to plan out my chart and print out all the routines and change into some work-out clothes. I get the thing out of the salon and take everything out of their plastic wrap that came with it and turn up the music.

The routine begins with a warm-up which is simply stepping up and down and then stepping up, jumping up, and then stepping down. Two sets of 30 seconds each. I got through that just fine. Then comes the work-out itself which is labeled "couch potato"
( HEY! I resemble that remark!)

Two sets of traveling pushups for 30 seconds and two sets of single leg squat raises, which involve the resistance bands, for 30 seconds. To be repeated in sequence three times. Okay........I get started on the sets and my friend shows up to pick up her dog and says, "Woo Hoo! Get it girl!". (This is the friend who was 32 when I was 15, by the way)...........I ask her to time me and she does and then through observation decides I am in over my head. She is right........she says," How many times do you have to do this?????". I show her the chart and she responds with, "Don't hurt yourself, Julie." Good advice.

We move on to the squat and press and triceps extension. Same thing; 2 sets 30 seconds each repeat 3 times. About half way through I am grunting and sweating and moaning. I say, "Maybe I need to do only one set each?", which is met promptly with agreement from my friend. So I finish that and move on to the third set of exercises which are squat with triceps extension and bench dips. I thought I was gonna die, but I did complete 2 sets each for 3 reps each. I had dumped the timing bit by now. After the last bench dip I collapsed on the floor puffing and sweating and desperately needing a drink of water. My friend did what all good friends do.....she laughed her butt off and me with her.

I have decided that Jillian's target market is about 20 years younger than me and already in pretty good shape. HOWEVER! I have decided to stick with her routines and modify them to fit the state of decrepitude I have reached. I reminded myself what spark coach told me and will remember that any exercise is better than none and in order to keep from losing muscle while dieting, I must do strength training.

I must also keep being able to laugh at myself and having fun and that part will be easy. I have set a goal to graduate from the couch potato routine by the end of the month instead of 2 weeks as recommended to the bikini set at which the plan is aimed.

Listen to this, Miss Jillian! I know you are hard core. I know you make fat people cry. I know you are coming from the best of intentions......... I WILL master your work-out! It might take me longer than most but I will do it. Consider your challenge accepted! SO there! emoticon
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    I got my exercise laughing at your description of your session!!

    2021 days ago
    emoticon As a 55 year old I have much sympathy for you. emoticon
    2022 days ago
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