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Monday 11/5--It Could've Been Worse!!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Hi all,

Today was Monday--seriously, there is no way it was any other day. My day started off reasonably, but it seemed that from the time I set my foot into the door of the school until I got out of there tonight, nothing went quite the way I planned. Some of my bright spots included the fact that even though there was an extra half day and a weekend, somebody forgot to clean my classroom. I proceeded to sweep it up with a miniature whisk type broom to make it better. I had did what I always do on the last day of the week and moved the things off of the waxed floor to make sweeping it a bit easier and I needed to move my reading cart, the bunny cage, and a half dozen other bulky or heavy items back, so I let Digger, my reading bunny out of her carrier for a chance to romp a bit. She decided to hole up in a corner by one of my bookcases that had a couple of seriously heavy boxes in the way and I couldn't get her out because I don't bend in the necessary ways to do that. I decided to wait for my daughter who was coming to bring me some fruit and a large glass of light lemonade that I was thirsty for. Megan came, dropped off the things I needed and got Digger back into her proper home. In the meantime, my regular Monday volunteer got sidelined by our principal and redirected to another place and I had to do the job I had planned for him. In making the change, I knocked over the glass of lemonade and made a big, big mess on my carpet.

From that mess, I went to work in the classroom I teach in and the teacher that I work with was busy fussing at her students and doing a lot of reteaching. My lessons didn't get to happen, but I did all I could to help her and her students out. On the way back to my room, I stopped to use the restroom in my very brief couple of seconds and my non-existent break and of course, there were no paper towels. My third grade group had two children who showed up with 3 minutes left in the class because they had been voting.

Kindergarten went fairly okay although I had to fuss at one guy in one of my loudest voices--he simply wouldn't look at what we were (supposedly) doing. I went from there to my 3 first grade classes in a row and they were almost uneventful until one of the boys had a potty accident. I have never, ever had a child do that on my watch before. The children all walk by a restroom on their way was down the hallway to my room and have been told to stop in there along the way. Even after repeated requests, I let this child know early last week that he wouldn't be allowed to leave our very short class to go back. He asked and I asked him if he went and he responded by telling me that he just did it in his clothing.

Finally, there was the meeting after school about our parent night. funny thing--this morning, the principal named me as the "Staff member of the week" who gets to use the special staff parking place for the week even though it is much further away than where I get dropped off at the door. I quickly realized that that was likely a manipulative ploy to get more out of me than I had offered for this parent night in two weeks. I have a full plate with homework and an exam, a schedule that rarely lets me get into the rest room, and my own medical stuff. I simply told her that I would not do this by myself and that my current demands wouldn't allow it. Hallelujah one of my doctors called me and offered me a 3:45 appointment for a follow up that I needed. I jumped on that so I couldn't get cornered into some tasks that I do not have time to take on. (Yes, a ray of sunshine in this petty and annoying day!!)

Since I had to close up my room before I left for the meeting, I ended up being 20 minutes late to it. I left after ten minutes and they were working it over and it sounds like there is going to be a lot of work for somebody (else) to do for this to happen by the 15th. I don't think I have ever been quite so happy to leave work in my life, even for a doctor's appointment.

I think I'll just get ready for Tuesday and do some studying. Tuesday marks our anniversary and I have a good idea that there may be a surprise or two headed my way. I'm looking forward to that and I hope that I won't be disappointed. I do think mothers and wives usually know.

Take care, my friends!!
Gentle hugs,
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