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Not Emo.... Thanks for Asking

Monday, November 05, 2012

So I had a pretty fantastic fall break. I honestly didn't really do a whole lot. I did spend a little extra time with my mom in the evenings because I didn't have to be home to go to bed at a specific time which was nice. I watched quite a bit of TV, took my dog for walks and just enjoyed not having a million and ten things going on. On Thursday, "The Boy" and I went to Blackhawk- its a casino town in the mountains. I had never gambled before in my life (aside from a $20 buy in garage poker game like twice ever in my life) so it was definitely a really exciting thing to do. We just played slots, and got a free buffet because we were both new to playing at the casino. Don't worry- I had a BIG salad with tons of veggies on it and a normal/acceptable serving of crab legs, so I didn't over do it. Of course, as you play, you're served basically whatever you want to drink (Jack and Diet Coke please) so I did end up getting slightly tipsy by the end of the night. We took the little tram/bus up to another casino and played there for a bit, and then went back to the casino where we were actually staying (its a hotel too). We both spent about $40 and won about $20 back so I guess it could have been worse! It was just really really fun to get out of town and hang out and have fun together. We ended up calling it a night around 1:30a or so.

The bed in the hotel room wasn't the most comfortable bed ever and neither of us slept very well. I woke up super early and I had forgotten to take my contacts out (I'm usually really good about taking them out every night) and knew that something was wrong with my right eye. It was an abrasion/cut on my cornea (I've had this happen 2 other times in the last 15 years so I knew what it was almost right away). "The Boy" ended up driving us back to Denver (I think he had wanted to drive my car back anyways so I guess it worked out well for both of us) and I had to just take it easy most of the day. By Friday night, my eye was feeling better (not great, but definitely better) and so I thought that I was good to go...Until I woke up Saturday morning- It felt a million times worse than Friday. I ended up having my mom pick me up and take me into Urgent Care because I was afraid of my eye getting worse or infected. Yeah.... I waited about 2 hours, paid $50 and the doctor told me to just buy OTC gel eye drops and to make an appointment with optometry for today (Monday) if it wasn't feeling better. It was nice to know that it wasn't serious, but at the same time, that $50 could have gone toward a lot of other things lol. I woke up yesterday, after using the gel drops consistently and my eye feels 100% better. I'll still be wearing my glasses for at least 3-4 more days to be sure its all healed and ok to go. So that was the adventure of "cutting" my eye.....

Last night, I was making dinner and I was taking the pit out of some avocados..... Yes, I am sure you know where this is going....Well, even though I was being as careful as I could and even told myself what could happen while being careful, I "decided" that it would be a "GENIUS" idea to stab myself in the palm.... Yeah... That was fun (No, not really). So, I immediately put my hand under water so that I could see the cut and kinda freaked out at first because it looked pretty gruesome (still kind of does to be honest) and placed a clean paper towel over it and held some pressure to it to get it to stop bleeding. Luckily it stopped bleeding (for the most part) pretty quickly. I asked "The Boy" if he had any bandages and of course he didn't so he took my car keys and looked in my car to see if I had any in my glove compartment...nope...no bandages. So, we red-necked it. I poured some hydrogen peroxide on it to clean it and then "The Boy" folded up a piece of paper towel and I held it in placed while he taped it down to my hand using.... yes Duct Tape.... It held just fine until I could get to Walgreens and get some proper gauze, flexible tape and band aids and antibiotic ointment.

So, no, although I had a weekend full of being cut I am NOT Emo... thanks for asking. - One of my friends asked me about being Emo on my Facebook (I posted about my cut because I have a lot of friends who are nurses about if I should get it checked for stitches or not and he made a comment). I know its silly, but it made me a little mad. Maybe its because I'm a cutter (recovering/recovered etc), and I think that it is a very serious issue and not really a joke. I did have to calm myself down a little by reminding myself that he doesn't really know what I've gone through or that I've struggled with being a cutter since I was about 15 and he really did just mean it as a harmless comment. I am just a klutz and prone to injuries and other clumsy happenings. I'm just glad that "The Boy" was so willing to help me and take care of me.

On another note: I have gotten more walking in the last week which has been good. I want to join 24 hr fitness, but want to go in and just ask some questions first (mainly being based around getting a discount if I can because of the school district that I work for) just to get a real idea of what my monthly expenses will be after I join. I haven't been feeling the greatest the last week or so- mainly just achy and my lower ribs on my right side have just been sore...kind of like I strained/pulled a muscle or something. I'm hoping that if I can get back into working out more and being more pro-active it will help and I'll start feeling better again. I have a doctor's appointment November 27th and I'm really anxious/nervous about it, but I need to go and get back on track with everything. Last time I went to the Dr. I felt great and fine and ended up having an infection (luckily I just had to take antibiotics, but I felt so stupid because I had no idea that something was wrong).

Anywho, that's really all I have going on...

Until Next Time! emoticon
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    I am happy for the update on how you're doing. Sorry to hear about the injuries. It must have been wonderful to get away and shake your hair loose for a bit. It helps you catch your breath, huh?
    1995 days ago
    May your next few days (at least) be cut free!
    1996 days ago
    Glad someone was there to help you out. Some comments, while intended as harmless, really get under my skin too.
    1996 days ago
    Sorry about all the cuts hope you heal up soon!
    1996 days ago
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