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Pool running recap

Monday, November 05, 2012

So the plan was to run a 1/2 marathon in my gym's pool.

I figured out how many laps I needed to do (393, but was shooting for 400), had pennies at one end of the pool to help me keep track, had my Gu and G2.

I got a few looks when I moved a penny from one container to another. A couple people asked how many laps I was doing. I told them 400. Every single person (okay it was only 3) thought I meant yards not laps.

Then why would I need the pennies???

It was a lot harder than I expected it to be. Partly because I wasn't hurting so it seemed silly to stop. I wasn't over-heated, but I was definitely breathing hard at points. But I was certainly feeling the resistance!

Full disclosure, after the first 100 laps I would swim the 10 meters in the deep end. At first I was still using running form even though I wasn't touching the bottom. I began to wonder if I was "running" too fast and would end up pulling something. I decided that too much of this was new that I would try that some other time.

I also found that the more people that were swimming in the pool the harder it was to keep going straight. I'm sure that was great for some part of my body because it made me put in even more effort.

I got to 300 laps and stopped to take a drink and a breather. And then it hit me just how tired I was. It was kind of weird since nothing was sore or felt beat up. I was just scragged.

So inaugural run went to 10 miles and not 13.1, but I am completely confident that I will make it next time.

In fact, with our wacky weather, I'm thinking about just making it a early Saturday morning ritual (except for the Seattle 1/2 marathon weekend!)

So the test was a success for the most part! Yay!
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