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Monday, November 05, 2012

Us women require a lot to maintain our fabulousness. Us curvy girls need even more, especially when riding the weight loss roller coaster. Today I ask you to give your feedback on the products, services, and foods that you rely on.

1.) BEST BREAD: I absolutely love Village Hearth Bread products. Somehow they make sandwich bread, hamburger and hotdog buns that are 80 calories. No not 80 calories per slice, 80 calories for TWO slices. And it tastes great and is light and airy. YUM!

2.) BEST GREEK YOGURT: I hear that this should be a staple in every Sparkies' kitchen but I have not found one that I like. It tastes sour. What kind do you eat?

3.) BEST GROCER FOR ORGANIC AND/OR DIET FOODS: I really like Whole Foods Market. THey have the best variety and the atmosphere is great. The only issue is that they are pricey and you really have to read labels to make sure that calories are in line but for all around great selection of artisan foods as well as organic, they win, hands down.

4.) BEST ONLINE SHOPPING FOR THE CURVY GIRL: Oh I have so many goodies for this category. I like to think of myself as a fashionista (not really) and I do a lot of online shopping. Here are a few of my favorites: (quirky and cute clothes), (they have an amazing Plus line that is affordable and trendy) and (for shoes and boots for the ladies with the larger feet and thicker calves-they also have clothes).

5.) BEST CHAIN RESTAURANT FOR DIETERS: I like Ruby Tuesday more now that I am watching what I eat than before. They give you appropriate portion sizes (which pissed me off when I was fat emoticon ) and good, flavorful food. I also love that I can add on the salad bar so I can leave completely full and satisfied and only spend 600 calories or so which is great for an evening out.

6.) BEST SHOE FOR RUNNERS: Please let me in on this one because I am on the market for some new kicks.

7.) BEST SHOE FOR CROSS TRAINING: I like Nike AirMax. They look hot and they give you comfort and durability.

8.) BEST FAST FOOD CHAIN FOR QUICK, HEALTHY LUNCH: Healthy is used loosely here. It is nearly impossible to find nutritious food through a drive-thru but it is unrealistic to assume we can pack our lunch every day. In Omaha we have a sanwich chain called Mr.Goodcents. I LOVE IT. The bread is awesome, the meats and cheeses are sliced in front of you. Their standard sub is 8" (6 inches doesn't do much and a footlong is too much so I find this size perfect.) I get the Penny Club on White (I know but it tastes so much better than whole wheat). It has turkey, ham, and roast beef, provolone, lettuce, a little oil, and oregano. You can of course add what you want but that is how I take mine. I get light mayo and pickles on the side. The whole sandwich is 369 calories!

9.) BEST PLACE TO GET A BRA: I have to go with Lane Bryant's Cacique line. There bras come in so many sizes, shapes and styles and they are gorgeous! They last a long time too.

10.) BEST GOOD-FOR-YOU SNACK: I have fallen in love with LUNA BARS. They taste great, have lots of nutrients and tide you over. They come in a lot of great flavors too. Did I mention they are made for women???

What are some of your other favorite things???? Feel free to write in your nominations. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've been missing this fun information. OMG
    Best Bread - I usually eat Nature's Own honey wheat, or white wheat. I will definitely look for the one you mentioned above.
    Best Yogurt - Tried the greek stuff - no waaayyyy... I'm not a yogurt person at all. If I can down a 1/2 container that's amazing. My boss eats the Greek Yogurt something with a G like Gobani, swears by it and the protein it has.
    Best Grocer- Still shop at regular stores.
    Best online for the curvy girl - Lane Bryant and Avenue you can return to the store or have shipped to the store LB for free (can't beat that). Torrid - haven't brought online and although I found a local store haven't been there in a while. Forever 21 Plus, Dots now has online shopping. Oh so many as I follow fashion blogs so I've seen a lot. Just got 2 pairs of boots one from Avenue and LB as I have big calves and I love them.

    Best Chain Restaurant: I think its all about making the right food selections.
    Best Shoes for Runners: Not there yet - but I love NB shoes (same for cross runner)
    Best fast food for quick lunch: we have a mini restaurant at the college across from my job that carries a lot of healthy foods so I eat there when I don't bring lunch.
    Best place to get bras: LB Cacique collection, love them
    Best snacks: I like carrots, popcorn, ice (works especially when I'm anemic :))

    2019 days ago
    1.) BEST BREAD: We don't eat grains anymore, but when I did, I loved the sandwich thins or anything sourdough. LOL

    2.) BEST GREEK YOGURT:I was never a yogurt fan but I have learned to like it. When I do eat it, I eat the Greek Gods Greek Yogurt. The one with honey actually tastes like cheesecake. I still don't love it enough to eat it all the time though.

    3.) BEST GROCER FOR ORGANIC AND/OR DIET FOODS: I have to shop on a tight budget.. so whole foods and trader joes are out. Here we have WinCo. It is decently priced and they have a lot of things in bulk that I need that won't break the bank.

    4.) BEST ONLINE SHOPPING FOR THE CURVY GIRL: Ooo! I am going to check out the Shoplaruche and I always counted forever21 out, but I will look at them too. :) I like Torrid. I get the emails for when they have clearance sales. Otherwise, they are a little pricey. They also ship super fast! I also like Old Navy's plus line.

    5.) BEST CHAIN RESTAURANT FOR DIETERS: Surprisingly, more and more restaurants are diet friendly. We as customers have to make the right decision.. Since going Primal, eating out can be difficult. We base our ratings now on how willing they are to do substitutions. Applebees is always good for cheap, tasty, american food. SoupPlantation/Sweet Tomatoes is a good buffet. Dang, now I'm hungry!

    6.) BEST SHOE FOR RUNNERS: I have had the same pair for 5 years... So, they went through heavy, light, pregnant, post baby weight.. LOL! But, I seriously need some new ones. They are worn out and causing me trouble. In their prime they were good. They are Asics.


    8.) BEST FAST FOOD CHAIN FOR QUICK, HEALTHY LUNCH: I haven't eaten fast food since 2005. Sometimes those commercials do look good though. When I lived in San Diego, we had Rubios. It was fresh mexican food. That was about as close to 'fast food' I would do. I actually do pack my lunch everyday. Again, it's that whole budget thing. Where I work, we have a cafeteria with a salad bar, so if I did have to buy lunch, I would probably go there..

    9.) BEST PLACE TO GET A BRA: I never invested much in bras because I don't have much upstairs. LOL! When I was younger and put the girls on display, I loved the wonderBra, the water bra and anything that had frills. Now, I try to find ones to keep the girls rounded and the side chunks contained. Nothing worse than seeing a woman in an ill-fitting bra with the side chunkies over-lapping. :( I have found a couple Delta Burke bras that are nice, but her sizing isn't consistent.

    10.) BEST GOOD-FOR-YOU SNACK: I do plain pig skins, beef jerky, nuts.

    I have other favorites or 'go-to' products that are my staples that are not necessarily curvy related but just woman related:
    MAC Studio Fix Powder gives great coverage, lasts a long time and comes in many shades.
    Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows. It isn't too waxy and goes on smooth.
    Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer (Walmart brand is great too!) It is light enough to wear under my make-up and doesn't make me break-out. for almost everything. Clothes, books, music, shoes, Xmas shopping, food, jewellery, perfume.
    2022 days ago
    Love these "interactive" blogs!!!
    I can't really participate in this one cos I'm not from the USA and whatever I suggest is probably unknown to you emoticon

    2022 days ago
  • DLG0505
    I don't eat a lot of bread any more but have ate Village Hearth in the past and really liked it. I love French Toast so when I do make it I make it with Village Hearth bread. It's only been recently that I can eat a container of Yogurt and haven't tried Greek yet. I'm still trying to learn to like regular yogurt.

    Organic...well I don't buy organic very darn often. My beef and pork I get from my step-dad's cows and they eat whatever is out in the field so I guess that's about as organic as I get.

    On-line shopping can't help out there because other than jeans and sweatshirts my work clothes are provided. Even though I do love a good pair of boots so may have to check out Avenue.

    I love Ruby Tuesdays also. But I think if you look hard enough you can find healthy things in quite a few places. A good sirloin isn't that horrible on calories. Or at the Outback I LOVE shrimp on the barbie so get that frequently. Finally a lot of restraunts are realizing that people at times want to make healthier choices so the options are widening.

    Shoes - my running shoes, which I don't run but it was suggested by a friend of mine that is an orthopaedic researcher told me that running shoes offer better arch support, are New Balance. They seem to fit my arch better but I like the picture you have of the Nikes - so cute! And thanks for the suggestion on Brooks from Bobcatgirl - I've never tried a pair on so need to give them a shot.

    Fast food - since Chick-Fil-A is finally here I love their chicken nuggets - 260 calories for 8, 11 grams of carbs, 12 grams of fat. They are still deep fried but they aren't heavily breaded. Side salad 70 calories, I keep reduced calorie dressing at work. Large chicken soup has 240 calories.

    My snack....cheese or grapes.
    2022 days ago
    Nice options/ideas. I haven't heard of that bread before, but I'm gonna look for it. I eat a Sarah Lee Honey Wheat that is 45 calories a slice. Super tasty, too!
    Not a greek yogurt fan, so I can't weigh in there.
    I shop at one store, cause its close, so can't weigh in on that either.
    Online shopping... I never, ever did when I was bigger. Even now, I have to try it on, I can't buy online, or if I do, I make sure I can return it to the store. My friend, she's a size medium and almost every shirt in medium fits here. I range from a large to a xxl, depending on the brand. I hate women's clothing sizes!
    Best chain for dieters... I'd have to say Panera or Applebees. Both have low cal options that are super tasty.
    Best shoes... no idea. I need some new ones too!
    Fast food - Subway, 100%
    Nice blog! Let me know if you get any good shoe advice!
    2022 days ago
    1) Well, since I dont eat anything with wheat in it, I cant really tell you a bread...cuz I dont eat any. emoticon

    2) Dannon Oikos Vanilla...yummmmo and the only one that I like. The others I agree all taste sour!

    3) I agree, Whole Foods is my fav

    4) I really dont do much online shopping. I HAVE to try things on before I buy...except for shoes and for that is my new fav

    5) APPLEBEES!!! Luv luv luv luv luv!

    6) Asics

    7) I use my running shoes for all working out. So Asics emoticon

    8) Subway! I dont do bread, so their salads are AWESOME! .

    9) As much as I hate spending money, have to go with Victorias Secret.

    10) Pear with almonds...yummmmo! emoticon
    2023 days ago
  • STACYR31
    These are great tips! With the yogurt suggestion, I would say maybe just give it time. I never used to like plain yogurt thinking that it tasted sour but I kep at it and now I can't stand the yogurts like Yoplait b/c they are too sweet for me. Have you tried putting some fruit in your yogurt? That's what I do and it has helped.
    2023 days ago
    Wendy's is good for fast foot. A baked potato, side salad, or chili are good choices. My favorite shoes are Nike LunarSwift. Greek yogurt I love Oikos that has the actual honey on the bottom! My favorite online shopping spots are and lanebryant, I am a clearance deal seeker.
    2023 days ago
    I bought Brooks running shoes and I will never wear another brand again! And for fast food, I love egg whites, bacon and cheese on a 6-inch flatbread from Subway. Delicious and only 370 calories!
    2023 days ago
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