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Marine Corp Marathon wasn't pretty.. but i finished.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Yupper... As i texted my friend and PT Grace at mile 17 while waiting outside the porta jon: Stomach Bug + Marathon= AGONIZING!!! Yup you read that one right.. Ran a MARATHON... TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES...WITH A STOMACH BUG... one of my roommates had it a week before... I was keeping my fingers crossed...i had an idea it was a possibility when Julie and i were walking around Saturday with her mom and our daughters.... But i decided to give the race a go.. I've never backed out of one yet...

Did my normal morning race prep.. we got to the race.. did the porta jon line twice.. Waited for 15 minutes at the start when the gun went off... which i guess is common when you're running with 30, 000 of your not so closest race started off good.. Mile 2.. i was like Eh.... mile 4.. not to bad... major part of hills done.. Mile 6.. Well i knew it wasn't looking good.. I normall dehydrate on a run.. and i was making full well use of the ALL the water stops.. double loading on gatorade and water... Well that was a good thing... other than commraderie and friendship.. Julie's main job became: Find me water and bathroom... and that is how my race was going.. When i texted Grace at mile 17.. I was dehyrrated.. I had been taking in lots of water/gatorade at stops INCLUDING my own... my back was starting the vice grip... By mile 20... it was PAINFUL.. slowing us down... it hurt to run to juggle around my very pruney kidneys.. It hurt to slow down to run on my legs and feet... So it became the run/plod/ power walk sort of ending... I had eaten through all my fuel... even grabbed the GU and sports beans.. because at that point my sugar level was tanking out because the last couple of portaloo stops it was up the attic and out the basement sort of visit.... I will say this... If it wasn't for Julie.. i would NEVER have gotten that race done... I know people tell me i would've ... not so sure.. But my last port a jon stop.. a woman asked me if i was going to finish.. I said yup.. my GF is waiting and the finish is THAT AWAY! Finish we did.. i was never so happy to finish.. At one point during the race the pain was so severe in my back as i could feel the vice grip climbing up.. that i started to cry... and i looked at Julie and said.. holy cow i can't cry... she said it was ok.. by my racers brain replied: i can't afford to lose the salt or the But we finished.. I was never so happy to see Julie's mom and our daughters at mile 26... grabbed a hug from Liz.. Smiled as Julie took Alexis's hand and they ran ahead of me... seeing them 2 together gave me alot of renewed energy.... and when they yelled NO KIDS IN THE shute.. Helped Julie with Alexis up on her back.. jumped in front to open up a direct line to weave and dodge and bully our way through so Julie and Alexis can finish together.

So in the end.. that race was the most awful one i've ever done.. the energy of the crowds helped me keep going.. Julie more than kept me going in the right direction.. Glad she's gonna be my sherpa for Ironman LP... At one point during the race.. i saw a man in fatuigues with a sign: Pain is temporary... Pride is forever.. It wasn't until the 3rd time i saw him he was an amputee... Humbling... Forces you to dig deep and push past the pain... and this race was a good training one for the future... I would like to do MCM again.. sans stomach issues... but more as a fun run.. My final time was 5h36m46s.. An hour longer than expected... I do plan on another Marathon.. a smaller one.. where's there is less congestion and easier way to pick through the crowds.... But the need is there. I'm glad i finished regardless of time.. I got it DONE.. Got my bling! had fun even if i was miserable for awhile... it was 100% worth it... it became a test of inner strength.. with help from a friend.. i came out ok. :)

Sometimes it doesn't matter our expectation.. our abilities.. our training.. in the end it matters where that strength comes from.. that is not something you can train..; but it is definately earned...

So until tomorrow sparkland.. it's gonna be another GREAT DAY!
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