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Monday, November 05, 2012

That's where so much of my life has been spent lately & I do not like not having control over , well, pretty much anything.

Our friends were going to come up the Sunday before sandy but canceled that because of the storm -- which was really too bad as we were barely effected (and my heart goes out to those who were/are -- quite a few of our friends).

Instead they let us know Tuesday they might come up Thursday . . . which they did. I didn't know when, however, & I had my meeting in the morning & a vet visit in the afternoon & of course cleaning to do.

These are the same friends we stayed with when I wnt to Austin for my HM. The same ones who were supposed to come to Kauai with us, but canceled due to the wife's breast cancer diagnosis. We got good news while they were here -- the margins were clean & it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes.

They were good house guests -- out visiting other friends most of the time & not blaring the tv after I went to bed like my father does. And they came baring gifts: pastrami, tongue, Greek olive oil & vinegar & sea salt.

Simla is still doing very poorly & really not happy about going back & forth to multiple vets. A couple of years ago we got a tentative dx of chronic pancreatitis, but tomorrow they're doing an ultrasound so we can see what's really going on. Normally I'd be so nervous about the sedation but right now I'm just desperate for answers.

He is a major source of stress, especially as DH will be taking care of him while I'm gone.

Because my dad's surgery is still scheduled for next Monday. We will go down to my parents next sat & stay the night. My brother is coming in from CA Friday & I figure we don't know what will happen so for all I know it could be the last time my whole family will be together.

DH will come back home Sunday & we'll go down to the city. Surgery is Monday & he's only supposed to be in the hospital 4 days but who knows? I don't even quite know when I'll come home. I hate to leave my mother alone, but I've got 4 animals to take care of, too.

I hate the thought of yet another week of eating out all the time -- the rest of my family aren't real interested in healthy eating. How will I get my runs in? At least I'll be tapering. Of course it seems silly to worry about either of those things but I still do.

And when do I do my long run this week? Friday I have to take simba to the vet again, but not til the afternoon. I'd rather do it Sat, which at least gives me some leeway with eating the next few days, but we also have to drop off be dogs & drive down snd . . . and . . .

Well, of course I will figure it all out & what will be will be. Instead of wanting to eat I want to shop. Not necessarily a healthy reaction either, but better for my waistline. I finally got a chance to get to Marshall's Sat . . . I ended up buying some new luggage of all things! No clothes, no shoes.
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