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Sunday, November 04, 2012


I think there's something wrong with my CPAP machine, I'm waking up at that old 3:20 am thing every morning, and I haven't done that since I started actually sleeping with it! LOL It's also getting harder and harder to stay awake during the day.

It doesn't help that I haven't had any B12 in about two weeks. I ran out... and all the stores around here have it on back-order, including my pharmacy! How did THAT happen?? I guess they all use the same vendors... and THAT is frustrating! But nothing anyone can do about it so Oh, well... (snore snore...*giggle*)

I have started my clean-up project again, and have about an inch of left papers to sort through/toss/scan and I'll be done with my first box... stresses me to deal with this stuff, and looking at the dates, this particular box was stuff mostly from 2007, in the middle of that Social Security mess...phew. Lots of bad memories in this little banker's box--glad it'll be gone!

I DID find a few cool things--like a stray Christmas card from my grandmother, who died in the winter of 1987... or was it '88...? yikes, too long ago! LOL

I remember seeing her at Christmas time, and having to drive back over the mountains in the snow for her funeral in January... she was a stubborn, really feisty little lady. I remember her having a pace maker put in and being told when released from the hospital to go home and rest, and when we went to check on her the following day...

...she was outside chopping wood for the stove.

Sound like anyone YOU know? LOL

Something pretty incredible happened last week, though... you know that lovely little guy on my back porch? I was out feeding Amigo, just sitting on the porch petting him while he ate, the way I always do. It wasn't raining but it wasn't going to be long before it did. You could smell it in the air, y'know? We were just enjoying the time... and there was this HUGE silent flash of light, and all the buildings and the parking lot were lit brighter than a night time sports arena! It lasted for several seconds... We both stopped and looked around, then he went back to eating. A minute or so later it came.

The thunder. Wow. I have NEVER heard thunder roll like that for so LONG! It sounded like Mt.St. Helen again... Amigo freaked, of course, and bolted... I was sure I wouldn't see him for the rest of the night...

Then he stopped at the edge of the concrete, turned around and came running back to me, and buried his face in my ribs! I was so shocked... it was wonderful that he trusted me that much. Pretty amazing, when you think about it. I get a little teary-eyed... a precious moment, for sure, when a wild creature trusts like that...

When he finally calmed down and finished eating, and I'd cleaned up after him (cats are not the cleanest eaters, okay? LOL) I went back in the house... Licorice and Isis were still hiding under the couch! Poor babies, all alone in the storm! I spent the next half hour trying to calm them down... it's nice to be needed, huh. LOL

Brian is still here, working like crazy. He's so stressed, trying to get the last accounts wound up before his deadline, and I just try to stay out of his way.

Instead, I've taken up dancing again. Me. LOL

I used to do exhibition ballroom stuff, but I've always loved pop music and this Kpop kick has really helped motivate me to step up my exercise program. My biggest issue right now is that I want to do too much and it always gets me in trouble if I push TOO hard... but it's not only a great stress-reliever, it's just so much FUN that I don't want to stop! LOL

I don't know what the neighbors think... and frankly... I couldn't care less-- It's silly and a bit insane, and suits my rebellious mood perfectly right now! LOL Anyone want to join in, you're more than welcome. My "dance tunes" playlist is on YouTube... not sure how you'd find it--but you can just google SS501 and see what comes up. The music is very "early-twenties-growing- up" stuff... which also suits my rebellious mood perfectly right now! LOL


My alarm just went off, telliing me to check my blood sugar for dinner, so I guess this'll be all for now. It's jalapeno poppers and salad for dinner (Yes, I know, watch the salt etc for my kidneys--have only had about 400 mg today, so it's gonna be cool...)
More later, I promise! LOL

Be well...
Kathy emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It was so good to hear from you. I love to hear what you are up to.

    I hope you can get the CPAP machine looked at and get some B12 soon.

    We are going through junk as well and are tossing right and left. We occasionally find something cool as well.

    I loved the Amigo story. His name suits him. You have been his friend.

    I can't believe that Brian has not left yet.

    I love to dance too. t feels great.
    1993 days ago
    I enjoyed reading this Kathy, sounds good.
    1993 days ago
    great to feel the love even from a cat all the best
    1994 days ago
    talk about a nuclear vision!!! it's amazing the cat didn't really notice until the noise..i would have had to feel it instead of hear it lol
    ..prbably have to hit me directly roflol some more
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1994 days ago
    1994 days ago
    Awwwww, that's a precious thing for Amigo and you!

    I find I move so much more energetically w/music! Love it.

    1994 days ago
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