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Back Flips Never Were My Thing!!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

What a gorgeous day . Warm , 73*, blue sky, a few white fluffy clouds, hard to believe it's November 4th.
I just came in after a nice walk with Titan, my little Terrier dog.
When we walked this morning it was nice, but still needed a light jacket. How the weather changed in a short time. I kidded with my neighbor, better not get any warmer, I've covered my A/C, have to resort to ceiling fans to keep cool.
The patio door is open, windows too, the fresh breeze is flowing through the house. If it wasn't for the leaves falling, the bare trees, would think this was a early summer day.
I had been moping around the house, feeling sorry for myself. Sorry that I couldn't be out doing something exciting. Riding my bike, going for a hike. Thinking of the ski season that I might miss.
Even though I told my friend that I didn't mind him going hunting this week with his guy friends, I hated to be left behind. Not that I wanted to go hunting, don't like to or want to kill any animals. I just felt sort of abandoned, That's not me. I am so independent, why am I feeling like that.?
I wasn't just moping around, I had crawled into bed, pulled the covers over my head and was feeling very sad and depressed.
Titan jumped up and came over and started kissing me, with his wet dog kisses. I rubbed him and he kept wanting more. I started to feel guilty.
It was a lovely dry day, maybe I couldn't do all the more active things I like to do, but I could take him out for a walk around the neighbor hood. Probably see some of my neighbors, some other dogs. yeah it will do me good to get out of the house.
I dug around in my drawers, found some colorful Capri's and a top, got dressed.
When Titan saw me putting on my walking shoes, he started dancing around, he knows those shoes mean we are going for a walk outside. It's the only time I wear them.
The walk was refreshing. Meet a new neighbor, they have a small Yorkie, female named Queenie. She's 10 years old. Belonged to the late mother in law.
Made me think of my accident and what could have happened and where Titan could be today.
For the last 5, or 6 months I have under gone two hand surgeries . During the recovery time have had to lighten my exercise and adjust my activities.
It was summer, didn't mind too much, for I found I enjoyed walking and getting back into jogging. Had even planned a 1/2 marathon . But during the last 5 months I have also caught every cold, virus,and bug that has been going around.
Plus a scratched retina and an eye infection. Don't forget the bronchial infection.
A couple of weeks ago, I felt that I was finally feeling well. No more coughing. Could breath again. The doctor had cleared me to start working out with my hand. Strength training, aerobics ,zumba class back in my schedule .
It was Monday morning, October 22nd. I was dressed, had walked with Titan.
My breakfast was ready to eat. For all I eat before going out to walk/jog is a glass of juice.
I had a small bag of soda cans to put in my car for the recycle place and a bag of garbage to take to the apartment garbage area.
It had been raining, the pavement was wet, the area behind my van is a painted handicap area and when I stepped on it my feet flew out from under me, I went up into the air, and came down hard on the top of my head and left elbow.
Knocked me unconscious for 10 seconds or so. I came too hearing voices from far away, opened my eyes, gray, fuzzy, blurry, and the most intense pain I have ever felt coming from my head. Oh, the pain, It was then I knew I wasn't dead.
I reached up and touched my head, there was a knot the size of a goose egg. It was sticky, I looked saw blood.
The managers Doug and April were by my side in second, for I had been talking with them just before the accident.
I didn't think I should move but at the same time I didn't want to lie in the rain, which had started to fall again. But when I tried to raise up I passed out again,
I wanted my daughter. April was saying call 911, I kept saying call my daughter.
Finally I told Doug to get his hands under my neck and hold it secure and I will raise up. All those sit ups came in handy. The next challenge was to get to my feet. With both of them there to help I was standing and they got me into my apartment. I was shaking by now and going into shock. April pulled the comforter off the bed and wrapped it around me. I was in the chair, thinking I am going to die.
Daughter is on speed dial. She told me to call 911 and would see me at hospital. She works there. She called her husband and he headed over.
Doug put Titan in bath room so EM could come in and take care of me.
I was strapped to a board, head in brace . A temp bandage but on head and elbow.
Son in law came just at I as being carried out to ambulance. He got Titan out of the bathroom , grabbed my ID and house keys and followed to hospital.
On the ride in the attendant kept asking me name, dates, address, etc. Finally I said," I just told you, can't you remember?" She said ," I can remember, I want to make sure you can." . Didn't want me to go to sleep, watching if pupil dilated, or speech got slurry.
The pain was off the charts. She said she was giving me something, to take the edge off, but would not put me to sleep. It was 10 times stronger than morphine. A few minutes later she said," did that help?"" NO, I must have a high tolerance to drugs, didn't faze the pain." She gave me the rest of the shot, she said." "usually 1/2 a shot is enough." Finally it kicked in and the pain was not as intense. But still the worst pain have had.
I was relieved to get off the board and into a bed. Started to have panic attack with the head strapped down, finally ripped the strap off when nurse left the room. She returned and wanted to fasten it , I told her NO. I would lay still and not move a muscle, but I couldn't take that strapped pinned down feeling any longer. She told me my heart was racing off the chart and knew I was anxious.
I had a concussion, scalp haematoma and lacerations. Elbow lacerations, bruise shoulder and neck pain.
The cat scan was clear . My lacerations were stitched . I got lucky with the head, only had to shave a small area. I was given pain pills and instructions on what to look out for during the next 24 hours. After 8 hours I was released. I went to my daughters home. Where we all had a restless night. She keep checking on me and I was afraid to go to sleep, afraid I wouldn't wake up.
Had to go in for more scans the next day. They were still clear. Another scheduled for a week later.
The doctor also explained head injures like mine can go for weeks without showing any damage to the brain, but it can be there , just waiting to appear. That's why I have to be aware of any changes . As long as I have head pain, no strenuous activity.
When I returned to my home, my daughter and I worked out a 4 hour call system to check on me. She lives less than 10 minutes away.
Then when son in laws mother died in Florida, she wanted to go with him. But worried about me. My wonderful BF stepped in and picked me up taking me to his house along with Titan where I got waited on hand and foot. I stayed till this Tuesday, I returned for doctors appointment and another cat scan and stitched removed.
I wanted to be back in Salem to go to the luncheon where I dressed as The Cat In The Hat. That got a good laugh, and cheered me up.
I still get dizzy, the pain comes and goes. The elbow turned out to be more injured then originally thought. There is a pinched nerve that is causing my arm and shoulder to get numb on the outside left side of arm. That too comes and goes. But hurts enough that I can't sleep on my left side.
I am finally getting to the point I go to sleep not worrying about not waking up. But as soon as the pain comes, when I least expect it, I feel anxious and wonder if anything is happening inside my head. I wonder if I will continue to have any lasting effect. I was getting very depressed and hated that feeling. Most of the time I am very positive.
I started to feel guilty for my dwelling on my situation. I realize there are so many that have it so much worse than I do. .
Many are grieving the loss of loved ones and the total destruction of their home and way of life.
My eventual physical condition might be in question, but for now I am alive. Have a loving healthy family. I have a home and don't have to worry about food and there is plenty of gas for getting around.
It's time for me to put the past behind me, think positive about the future and live my life the best I can.
One thing I am grateful for and the EM attendants were too, was the fact that I still didn't weigh 335 lbs. It only took two of them to carry me instead of 4 .
I mentioned to the doctor that I was glad I had lost weight for I would have been injured more. He sad it good to have lost weight, but if you had been heavy you would have just fell back on your behind and possible hit the back of your head. But being your lighter size you went off the ground in the air. It was like doing a back flip and landed on the top of your head. One of the most venerable area of the head.
I used to take gymnastic in grade school and was a cheer leader in high school. I had trouble doing my back flips even then, guess it hasn't got any better in time.
The only time I might have been better off being obese. Smile.!!
I am getting in some fitness with walking and using resistance bands. Back to some chair exercises. I can't jump, bend twist, do any hurky jerky movements.
Doing my best to keep my weight down. I miss the intense aerobics and Zumba that I was doing.
I reduced my calories to compensate for the less strenuous activity of my everyday life.
But I will take it one day at a time and hope and pray by the new year will have an complete clearance that I can resume my life at full speed ahead .
To all my dear Spark friends, thank you for the get well wishes, messages , goodies. Believe me, you add so much to my life.
Oh yes for the injury that Titan suffered, almost getting hit my a car. I had to yank him back out of the way and in doing so bruised his right hind leg. He is completely recovered. We are back to walking. Not as far as before, I can't yet, but I am sure we will be. Although Titan seems to not want to be out in the rain. I guess he figures he did enough of that last winter and spring. Not willing to repeat all those rainy, snowy walks this time around. That's OK, I won't put him through anything he doesn't want o do.
Hope this blog wasn't to much of a downer. I though you needed to know about my injury and condition.
I haven't blogged about my latest bargain find, the $2,800.00 Lazy Boy sofa.
That's to come.
I know money is tight, Xmas is near. It's not as easy a life that we once knew. But if you can help out, the Red Cross is doing all they can for the victim's of Sandy. Give , if you can. And it's also that time of year the food banks are collecting, a can of food will help someone else.
I know from the messages I get, you wonderful people here on Spark are full of compassion and giving. I love you all for just who you are.
Peace and love
Tisha emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You know, Tisha, I think it's okay to feel sorry for yourself. For a time. And then get over it. And from the sounds of it, that is what you are doing, and I applaud you for that! You've had quite an experience with this back flip, and I'm so sorry it happened to you. Find some way to get at least a little exercise, and those endorphins will start kicking in, and pretty soon you will be back to your old self! Guaranteed. Sounds like you have a great support system with your family and best guy friend nearby. Anxious to hear about your new sofa! emoticon
    2018 days ago
    2020 days ago
    GF, I know you and there is nothing that will keep you down for long. I am praying for your speedy recovery. I know you will be okay. Love you!!!
    2020 days ago
  • FRANCO1230
    Wow, what an ordeal! Wishing you continued recovery and relief from pain. Glad you had/have so many great people looking out for you! emoticon
    2021 days ago
    Tisha, One of my Spark Friends told me about your accident and I am very sorry to hear about it. These things have no warnings and are scary as well as physically damaging. My heart and prayers go out to you. emoticon
    2021 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story ... I had no idea that you had been hurt so. Glad you are on the mend that you were surrounded by caring people to help you. You are an amazing person and an inspiration. Be safe, Be Well, may you continue to be able to Walk In Beauty.... emoticon Jackie O
    2021 days ago
    Wow Tisha, That was quite a tumble! So glad that there were people near you, it scares me that you could have laid there awhile, before anyone found you, if the managers hadn't seen you fall. So sorry you had to go through this.

    Hope you are healing more everyday !
    2022 days ago
    Well I knew you had an accident and hurt your head, but now I know all the details. Quite a time you have had! And it happened in an instant. There is NO WAY you would have been better off had you still weighed 335 lbs. though! I don't care what they said--oh yeah I know you'd have hit your head in a less vulnerable spot. But maybe you would have broken your hip or leg, arm or back? That's a lot of weight falling over. It was one of my great fears when I was obese....that I would fall and break something. I walked so very slowly when it was icy here to avoid falling. But I never stopped to consider that even a wet surface can be very slick! So glad you and Titan are healing! Don't be depressed--you're alive, you have wonderful people who care about you, and you're not fat anymore! We have so much to be grateful for. The fact that we were wise enough to see the error of our ways and get healthy is a great blessing! I'm not saying we didn't do the work ourselves, but I think there's a greater power out there that gave us the strength to change.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about Lola getting away from me, and your great tips. I giggled when you said that I had found out how fast those little bulldog legs could run! Did I ever! If I ever get brave enough to take her with me again, I will definitely put her on her leash and tie it to something inside the car. For several weeks this summer, our child car seat was sitting in the garage and Lola would sit in it for hours, even sleep in it. She is too big to sleep in it now, but maybe she could sit in it when she rides in the car??? Probably not--she is pretty wide. And Amber & Mia might not appreciate sharing their car seat!!!

    Hope your recovery continues to go well, and those headaches are less and less frequent. Keep up posted!
    2022 days ago
  • POPSY190
    That was a terrible fall you had - I'm glad to hear that you are past the worst of the pain now. You and Titan need to look after each other So pleased to hear that you have such a good, reliable support system, to say nothing of a nice sense of humour! Kia kaha. (Stay strong)
    2022 days ago
  • JILL313
    Tisha, until just now I had no idea how serious your bad fall was. I understand how you might be depressed from time to time. . .but you're a trooper and nothing gets you down for good. I'll be praying for good health for you and that your spirits are lifted and you continue to heal completely. I do admire your strength. . .what a strong role model you are. Be sure and get out even if it's to shop. . .We're in Summer mode here and it was in the mid-90s today, I'm more than ready for a cool down and we need rain so bad here. Take really good care of yourself. Titan loves you so much. ..I know he's a great companion for you.Hugs, Jill.
    2022 days ago
    You're in my thoughts. Please take it easy as head injuries are nothing to leave to chance. A slow and easy pace wins the race so to speak. Prayers coming your way.
    2022 days ago
    At the Naval Avionics Center we had maple floors covered with polyurethane varnish. When people tracked snow in in the winter it melted on the floor, and you had a wet ice finish. It was a terrible problem.

    When I painted my front porch floor with polyurethane paint, I bought some lightweight grit to mix in the paint before I put it down. Both the BW and her sister complained bitterly because the floor wasn't smooth, and I had to explain to them several times that it's VERY slippery when it's wet. But that concrete floor wasn't slippery when it got wet.

    I'm sorry you were hurt so badly, but I know head injuries like yours are extremely serious. I hope you recover fully without any more problems.
    2022 days ago
    emoticon Tisha and Titan on a gentle walk with no slippery patches!

    Glad to hear that you have such a good support system and that you are so knowledgeable about your abilities and limitations. But sad to hear you had to go through this. Falls are scary and can happen at any time. I know, being a year and some away from a sever ankle break.

    Speaking of breaks, I took a break from SparkPeople, but am back now. First thing I wanted to do was check in on your adventure. We all can learn so much from you. Thanks for sharing all of the details.

    Speedy recovery! emoticon

    2022 days ago
    So sorry to hear about your accident! Sounds like you have a wonderful family and friends. What would we do without them! I hope you have a speedy, complete recovery. You will be in my prayers.
    2023 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, I just now saw your blog you wrote yesterday. I was not on Spark yesterday too much and in fact one of my friends asked me how you were doing since the fall. You have been through so much this year and you still come out on top. Tisha, I can see that you would be depressed, you had several injuries in one fall. Someone once told me if you are going to feel sorry for yourself limit how long if you are able and then get back to life. Obviously Titan helped you out there and I am so glad that little Titan is doing well. I guess you will need to watch the numbness in the arm to avoid any nerve damage. It sounds like the doctor is doing a good follow-up with you. Tisha, YOU are a winner and you always come out on top. Now, leave it to you to find a $2800.00 Lazyboy sofa, I can't wait to hear that story! So happy that you are here on Spark and as always you are an inspiration to us all. emoticon emoticon June
    2023 days ago
    Sending you lots of hugs and love and praying for many blessings to come your way, Tisha!! emoticon Love, Jeannie
    2023 days ago
    I am sorry that you have had to endure so many challenges in the last 6 months.
    With time,and your positive outlook and inner strenght,i am absolutely convinced that you'll bounce back to your usual self.Your body has experienced a trauma,so be gentle with yourself for a while.Glad that you and Titan are back to walking again!I almost slipped outside yesterday, on the wet leaves while speed walking,it can happen so easily! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Take Care.
    2023 days ago
    I am sorry that you have had to endure so many challenges in the last 6 months.
    With time,and your positive outlook and inner strenght,i am absolutely convinced that you'll bounce back to your usual self.Your body has experienced a trauma,so be gentle with yourself for a while.Glad that you and Titan are back to walking again!I almost slipped outside yesterday, on the wet leaves while speed walking,it can happen so easily! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Take Care.
    2023 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    Stay strong dear emoticon You have come so far and enjoyed many, many months of healthy living out loud. This set back will only make your resolve that much stronger to get back to 100%. You have a wonderful outlook and are such a great motivator... let us return the favor and cheer emoticon you on emoticon GOOOOOOOO Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2023 days ago
  • BISCO_
    emoticon emoticon
    2023 days ago
    Funny that I should be reading this today, because it's been one of those days for me. Didn't go to church, stayed in my pjs until noon, and didn't stick my nose outside all day. Found myself in tears several times.

    Like you, I'm feeling down because of physical restrictions and I'm feeling nervous about the surgery and recovery that I'm facing.

    But today I'm also missing my son who passed away 13 years ago. I almost feel like I'm slipping back into the deprssion I went through then.

    But then I read your blog and was reminded that we are resilient and that life is worth the effort. Thanks.
    2023 days ago
    That feeling of wanting to just crawl into bed... it's the aftermath of being so scared. It's scary being so vulnerable. It's painful being injured. But you are brave, and aware, and positive. Not only are we all rooting for you, you set us an example of how to behave when things get difficult. You are awesome!
    2023 days ago
    Oh, my dear Tisha! I had no idea! I knew about your hand surgery, but your accident, and Titan's...I was clueless! You are in my healing thoughts and prayers and I pray you have a clean bill of health and an all clear for exercise in Jan 2013! What an event! I am so glad you have family and friends to look after you and that things are coming together! What a scare! Please take care of yourself and Titan and keep us posted. Thank you for the update!
    Love you!
    Healing Hugs!
    2023 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/4/2012 9:32:50 PM
  • TMW54812
    Your refusal to throw a pity party despite the challenges you have faced is inspiring. I pray your recovery will be steady and swift.

    2023 days ago
    LISE emoticon
    2023 days ago
    Glad that you are getting better and that you are starting to work out again. Like the doctor said just take it easy until they give you the clearance to go full steam.
    2023 days ago
    praying for your complete recovery! emoticon
    2023 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Oh, Tisha. My heart goes out to you. You have really been hit hard (no pun intended) by illness and injuries. I know it is pointless to say this, but it seems so unfair. Thank God you are in such good physical condition and, yes, thank God you are no longer obese. You did not have the shame and fear that you would have experienced, had you been 335 lbs with people struggling to care for you properly. I HATE the feeling of slipping, and, just today while crossing a busy street, I started to slip on the white painted crosswalk stripes (ironically, it's safer to avoid the actual crosswalk). You must have been so scared, and the pain sounds just awful, Tisha. I am glad you have loved ones so willing to care for you. I am concerned but I am very sure that you will bounce back from all of this illness and injury in spectacular Tisha-fashion. I am thinking of you. Please keep us posted, as best you can. There are a LOT of us pulling for you and for a speedy, complete recovery.
    2023 days ago
  • BETHV10
    I'm so glad that you are ok even though you are not 100% yet. An ER trip can really put a scare in anyone. My husband has had two and neither one was any fun. We have many things to be thankful for but I can certainly understand how this accident can throw anyone off their normal outlook on life.
    Wishing you the very best!!!! Please rest and get better.

    PS. I'm so glad that you blogged and let all of us know what happened, .... Beth
    2023 days ago
    I'm so glad that if this had to happen, that it happened there in the parking lot around people you knew who were right there with help! I'm so sorry that you feel so side-lined this year by the surgeries and this injury.Let's hope this more than fills your quota of down time for a few years!
    It sounds like you got a really big bone bruise. They can really smart for a long time, but you'll get better. I'm just glad that we still have our Tisha with us!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2023 days ago
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