I'm not "dieting" she howls across the room!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hello extra hour of the day...I wish it happened on Monday's though...everyone already usually enjoys the calm day of Sunday..wouldn't Monday be more appropriate to get an extra hour? LoL

Well today is another football game...every game we have gone to my inlaws so far I have taken my own food. Today will be the same. DH called his mother to ask what she was making to see if I should pack food or eat there and I will pack. At the same time he tells her "She is doing really good on her diet." I holler across the house "It is NOT a diet!!! It is my LIFESTYLE!" LoL

I find myself correcting people more and more. I think because last year on my Birthday (next weekend) my grandmother made the wrong comment stating I could USE the walk instead of driving somewhere (I think I was more pissed because I had a concussion at the time and that stressed me out) but when people say "Oh, do you want...oh wait never mind you are on a diet." comments really turn my brain to thinking "What goes on in their minds?" I can still eat ANYTHING I want, I just CHOOSE if I want to or not. Just like any food be it a fruit or a candy bar. It is a CHOICE. Don't tell me I can't have something because I am on this "diet" you claim. No, I am losing weight, getting healthier, and stronger and HAPPIER because I know I can eat anything I want in the right amounts and make progress.

I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to knowing what goes into my food nutritional value wise and there is nothing wrong with that. We eat out less and when I do eat out I check the online menus first. I am not opposed to going over my daily allotment of calories but I don't want to feel guilty about it either. I realize time and time again stop making food the center of all events. It happens for holidays but it does not need to happen all the time. I much rather prefer to cook at home and know what is going in to my body.

The thing that really just puts the crispy bacon edge on it...each person who tries to deprive ME to "help" me...are the same ones who are obese for their own bodies and always comment or complain they wish they could lose the weight. You know what? THEY CAN!!!

I took on an admin position on a FB page this past week because the owner could not keep up with it, it's for Motivational Fitness Quotes and each day when I wake up I have been determined to log on there first and motivate the heck out over 1,000 people. SEEING people "share" my motivational information makes me smile. You will fall..but as long as you get back up again you are not failing.

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    That is SO true! I'm 100% with you on it. I've had people go "what, are you on a diet??" And I respond with "no... I just don't eat that food". It's like "DUH!" I refuse to eat processed foods and if it's a pre-made product, I HAVE to check what the nutrition label says. I look at the ingredients first (because my stomach is sensitive to so many foods), and then if it's ok, I look at the calories, sugar, salt, and serving size. 95% of the foods I buy do not have a nutrition label on them, so whenever something does, I get freaked out.

    And I also don't go out to eat a lot (well, I really can't), but when I do, it's ALWAYS to a farm-t0-table style restaurant! The food will be guaranteed healthy (for the most part) and fresh.
    2055 days ago
    America is so used to yo-yo dieting, that the idea that they need to do this the rest of their lives is a mystery to them. Lifestyle change isn't in their vocabulary.
    2055 days ago
    People who have never been here just do not understand. Some of them mean well, some of them are just plain mean. Don't waste your time trying to figure out which is which, Just smile and say "Isn't that nice?" (An old joke, if you don't know it and want to, let me know!

    Make today a nice day!
    2055 days ago
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