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Goal Status Check and Misc.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

October ended with mixed results but I'm confident that overall I'm on track to have a great November and end the year very Strong!

First and most exciting - I reached my 100# lost goal on my official Thursday weigh-in on 10/12 - exactly 18 months after starting. (It is interesting how well writing goals, sharing goals and telling the universe what I want works to the date. )

I've been celebrating NSVs - more that I can count - and even hubby has gotten in on the fun of pointing out more reasons to keep the celebrations going. While I'm still celebrating, I'm not slowing my efforts. In fact the milestone seems to have reignited my spark and I've consistently lost at 1 pound per week since then (compared to periods of 1 pound losses every 2-3 weeks). I'm in a good cycle and I'm trying to ride it and keep it going while it lasts.

One important change has come out of this. It's been coming on for a few months ... I'm settling in and much more relaxed about my weight loss. I've stopped stressing and questioning all of my decisions (at least for now).

Reflecting on my October and progress towards my goals

Work is taking a lot out of me. I say that a lot, but it is taking a lot out of me. I'm working hard to figure out how to balance my workload with my life so that work doesn't take over. Each week my balance has become a little worse than the week prior. But I'm mindful about it and trying to figure it out.

A really big win for me is that more often than not, I'm turning to exercise for stress relief like a habit I've had forever. It's very strange in some ways but it makes me feel good to know that this is a sign that I have REALLY CHANGED FOR THE BETTER! I vow not to take this for granted because it is still too easy to turn to food instead of exercise. And the feeling I enjoy after a good hard workout stays with me for a long time and means I don't have regrets about eating something that counteracts my hard work. Now I need to work on getting rid of the regrets that I should have been working or taking care of things at home or for my family.

Goals in Review:
~ 100 Pounds lost by 10/12 - emoticon
~ Hike to top of MF view platform within 35 mins - emoticon 24 mins!
~ C25K - Status update: Making sssllloooowww progress
~ RUN our local Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving. Run the entire 3.1 miles! - Status update: Registered. Not sure running the entire 5k is doable but not giving up.
~ 1000 Exercise-Foot miles in 2012 with a stretch goal of 1100 miles . Status update: on track to hit 1000 miles within a couple weeks which is ahead of schedule. Gotta remain injury-free!
~ Plan at least one more camping weekend before year end - Status update: Nothing planned
~ Stretch goal: Re-hike steep hike (PP) from July by end of the yearn- Status update: No thoughts about this hike until after the 5k.
~ Go to Y first thing in the morning AT LEAST 2 times per week. - emoticon And LOVING it!
~ Schedule/Plan/Schedule/Plan/ Schedule Life and get it done. - Status update: Life has been sort of planned out but I still need to plan around life and sort out what I can. This is a fail at this point. I need to focus on this.
~ 2013 Hiking Goal - a particular steep hike over 3000 ft of elevation gain - Status update: I have been training on stairs and I need to put this on hold and focus on my 5k goal.
~ Continue focus on goals that have been slipping and put streaks firmly in place
- 10-30 mins of exercise 1st thing in the morning 3 times per week - Hit goal 4 out of 5 weeks
- 20-30 mins of exercise by 10 AM 4 times per week - Hit goal 4 out of 5 weeks
- 30-60 mins of exercise by 1 PM 3 times per week emoticon Hit goal 5 out of 5 weeks
- Eat within calorie range each day 6 times per week emoticon (10/1-11/4: wk 1=4; Wk2=7; Wk3=6; Wk4=7; Wk5=6.). Calling this Goal Met because I've started a 4-Wk Streak.
- Eat between low end to 5% above low end of calorie range 3 days per week - Status update: Missed goal. (10/1-11/4: wk 1=1; Wk2=2; Wk3=2; Wk4=2; Wk5=2). I was very close a few times so this is doable. I will do this!
~ Make a new or updated vision collage by 10/10! - emoticon Ok, the goal was met but I took it off the fridge when we had visitors and I haven't been looking at it as much as I should. I will put it back up and I am going to look at it daily and I'm setting up a SP Other Goal for this daily review. (I'm so annoyed with myself about this!)
~ Get back on track with supplemental tracking beyond SP Nutrition and Fitness tracking. - Status update: NOPE! Once I stopped my supplemental tracking, I lost motivation. It is like it is meaningless without all of the data. That is stupid and I will get going today!
~ Evaluate other goals that I have been making on a regular basis to make sure they 1) do not slip and 2) continue to be valuable. - emoticon But will keep in focus
~ Plan for challenging and temptation-filled holidays - Status update: Haven't given it a thought. Looks like I have more homework.

Other Vision Collage Goals:
~ 12 cups water/day - emoticon 30 Days of 31 (1 Day @ 9 Cups)
~ Sleep by 8:30 PM 5x/week - Status update: Missed goal. (10/1-11/4: wk 1=6; Wk2=5; Wk3=5; Wk4=5; Wk5=2). Will keep working on this. Workload is making this a difficult goal. May think about adding a reward to this goal.
~ 7 hours sleep/night - Status update: Missed goal. (10/1-11/4: wk 1=7; Wk2=7; Wk3=4; Wk4=3; Wk5=3). Going to be on time is only part of the problem. Sometimes it is hard to stay asleep.
~ -750 cals 5x/week - Status update: Missed goal. (10/1-11/4: wk 1=1; Wk2=5; Wk3=3; Wk4=2; Wk5=3). I will do this!
~ Eat more avocado emoticon - technically. I have added to the grocery list and meal plan.
~ Oatmeal at least 4x/week - Status update: Missed goal. (10/1-11/4: wk 1=2; Wk2=4; Wk3=3; Wk4=1; Wk5=5. Ave=3/wk; all steel-cut). I've added this to my SP Other Goals.
~ Balance - Status update: Missed goal. I haven't felt like there was time for balance. I need to work on this but I haven't made plans. Workload is beyond my control right now.
~ Mindless snacking - Status update: This is mixed results. I'm doing MUCH better but I don't have it under complete control. I will add this to my SP Other Goals and work on a streak.
~ 10k Steps Streak - Status update: October goal met but blew it on 11/1. Streak restarted and on day 2. I could have forced it on 11/1, but I needed to work long hours and evolved in to being more balance and working with/being flexible with life. I knew I was in a strong place and would be able restart and rebuild this streak.

I wasn't going to do this goal review but taking the time to measure the status for each goal has been very valuable. Just going through each goal has helped me prioritize and will help me stay on track and reach my year-end and long-term goals.
emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CHEEKY1000
    I second JSALERNO. I wish I were that organized. I love data, but I'm too lazy (?), unmotivated (?) to track all of that.

    You are probably sick of hearing this, but you are seriously amazing. I hope you know you are. I love what you've done for yourself. I really love that you can truly appreciate each NSV and not just give it lip-service.

    emoticon emoticon
    1983 days ago
    Congrats on all your successes - and there are a lot gal! I'm so happy for you!

    I love the way you outline things to the letter.. and I know it works for you because you like all those numbers lol.

    Keep up the great work! You inspire me.

    1991 days ago
    Not only do you have great "regular" goals, I love that you have stretch goals too. You have done so well, and I'm so happy to have been around to see it! emoticon
    1991 days ago
    You're doing fabulous! You're right, this process is working great for you. Continued success!
    1993 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Definitely ride the good wave as long as you can!!! Congrats on your recent losses... you are doing fantastic!!! emoticon

    You know I relate well to that work/balance one. It is tough. Planning is the key. No one is a better planner than you are!! So I know you can make it happen!!

    I definitely think exercise is the single best stress reliever!! No food can beat down my stress the way a tough work out can. It's great that you are finding this a natural process.

    Making streaks and adding some rewards for greater emphasis is excellent!! There are a whole lot of emoticon 's in this blog!
    You are doing a great job. We all have areas that we can always work on, but you've got a lot of goals and are doing quite well and the scale is rewarding you!

    Let's finish this year out super strong!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1993 days ago
  • ROXIT22222
    You are doing AWSOME! Keep it up! I may have to drive up there and do PP stairs with you some day.
    1994 days ago
    1994 days ago
    emoticon You go, girl! emoticon emoticon
    1994 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1994 days ago
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