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The Light behind the Obstacles

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sometimes one realizes it’s time to listen to your body and folks around you. emoticon My stubbornness fell to the wayside and I finally had to make a drastic decision; at least it is for me. With this reoccurrence of severe sciatica and now 2 herniated discs in my lower back, messed up knee, etc., I have to put on hold as of late my current workouts of power boxing, jazzercise (I went back to this because I felt I could make it low impact and it was safe…that didn’t work out so well), and my most of all love of running. I believe and have known since 2008 after my last Olympic distance triathlon that it was inevitable that I do something about it. I tried so hard to overcome this injury and just let it fester but that didn’t go over so well either. I did go through physical therapy (which was a no-go) and a couple of epidural steroid injections that year and the ESI’s helped but only masked the underlying issue I was having. At that time, I only had one bulging disc and sciatica.

After those treatments I had that sense of false hope and I actually felt great so I just continued on as if nothing was wrong. I’d have some pain here and there but nothing a little ice, heating pad and ibuprofen wouldn’t heal. I guess now I am paying for it. I am now in the debt of those who kept telling me to do something about it and as much as I hate to admit it, I should’ve listened to all of those little angels and you all know who you are. I have not completely stopped but I have reassessed my situation. I have to do things that do not compress my spine extensively for now. I am still working out hard but this time under the direction of my chiropractor, doing much needed and modified workouts. Of course, for me I have to feel the burn, the sweat but this time not the pain (although I’m gluten for punishment)! So what I’m incorporating into my weekly workouts is all out powerwalking, Gentle Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, modified versions of Shaun T’s Insanity and lots of strength training at my own little homemade gym.

At the moment, these workouts are working for me. I feel since I’ve buckled down a bit and created my own workouts, I am tending to be a little easier on myself. My biggest fear doing this though, is that my tendencies are to eat things I shouldn’t. I know better and will continue to work on clean eating with a sweet indulgence every now and then. Of course, my body picked a good time of the year to act up. On the positive side, I can take things a little easier as there’s not much going on in the world of what I enjoy most and that is triathlon. The negative side to all of this is that it’s nearing the holidays and what does that mean? Office goodies being brought in during the week, office parties with lots of goodies around, family time with even more goodies around and well…you get the picture I’m trying to create here. I will overcome this by just making good choices as always but not deprive myself of enjoying some sweet indulgences here and there.

So there you have it. I am moving ahead in just a bit of a different direction, "FOR NOW" but things will be changing and I will blog about that sometime this week. Stayed tuned and stay healthy!
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