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Saturday, November 03, 2012

I like change, so I am always trying to think of what my step in life is going to be. For example, I work for a school district, but I've moved up in position four times since getting hired by the district. Now I know I need to get my butt in a MA program, so I can apply for supervision, and I am planning on doing that this year because I want to move to the next step. Status quo is not good enough!

With fitness, it's kind of the same thing for me. Okay, I can do this, now can I do that? When I started out, I never imagined myself even reaching the goal weight, but here I am a mere 8 pounds away. I didn't even think I'd lose weight at all. I just wanted to feel healthier. but man, 182 pounds lost and so much gained! I started walking, then wii fit, then walking/running, and now it's like 13 miles plus every weekend, 50 minutes of cardio and/or strength training every morning, and 200 abdominal crunches every morning. I thoroughly enjoy it. I never thought I'd be so muscular, but I have grown to really like feeling strong. Right now, I have this goal of having a nicely defined six pack, and I know I can do it. I was telling my friend at work, that I could totally see myself being one of those really muscular, weight lifting looking, women. It's not what I set out to do, but once the 8 pounds weights do not feel like a good workout, isn't 10 pounds the next step? I have this need to keep pushing it. Lately, the fitness videos that used to make me feel so good, feel a bit boring. Not a whole lot gives me that breathless, great workout, feeling. I have an older Tony Horton video (power 90-it was before px90), and I find myself rewinding the jumping jacks/lounges/running section like 3 times in a row just to feel like I got a good workout. I am thinking of trying those "Insanity" videos. I need to find a better workout (any suggestions?). I remember when I was just starting out and everything made me feel all sweaty and breathless... not so much does anymore. I love that feeling! I think that is why I love running, I can keep pushing it. I can always run faster or longer distances... it's all up to me and my level.

It's funny how much I've changed. I remember one hot hot day, when I was still like 340 pounds, seeing this woman out running. I said, out loud, "I would so rather be fat than be out running in this heat." Ha! Not true anymore. I like sweating... and when you're thinner, and there is less insulation, hot weather doesn't feel nearly as bad. I think now my statement would be "I want to go running".
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    I think you need to be my workout partner! :P I need some of that self-motivation, can I borrow some of yours because mine is weak! Ha! :)

    You are so awesome. 182 pounds down, that is just out of my line of vision at this point. I started at 350 and am struggling at the 50 pound mark, I think if I can get over this hump, the weight will start dropping again... If only...
    2019 days ago
    Great job!!! Internal motivation beats out extrinsic motivation!!

    You go girl!!
    2024 days ago
    Go for it!

    2024 days ago
    Do you remember the point when you felt "good" about being breathless?? cuz i hate it.. HATE it... I so WANT to love it.. I have a dream of finishing a marathon.. doing things that are active without being so dad gum short of breath. Is the "secret" just to keep at it??

    you so rock girl!
    2024 days ago
    Seems you are going great!
    2024 days ago
    LOL. Isn't that great?

    2024 days ago
    You should like workouts like Insanity. The point in these types of workouts is to go all out until you feel like you cant and then back off just enough to catch your breath. Then you can go out full throttle again. Due to time constraints I need to find workouts that take 60 minutes or less. Insanity and others like it fit this bill nicely. I just cannot do the dance type workouts, two left feet.
    2024 days ago
    2024 days ago
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