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30:28!!!! MY SECOND 5K!!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

AHH!! I met my goal of getting under 31 minutes!! SO EXCITED!!!

So I woke up this morning and got ready - here is the picture.

It was FREEZING cold! When I left this morning at 7, the temperature was 33 degrees. Brrr. So even with my wick away pants, long sleeve shirt, shirt that they gave us, and my jacket, I was freezing! I grabbed gloves and a hat (I couldn't find my headband!) and walked out the door. It was still dark and they had coffee and food available, but I didn't get anything. I wish they had tea, just something hot for us non-coffee drinkers!

So the sun finally decided to come up (that doesn't mean it warmed up!) and we all did the cha-cha slide before starting. And then off we went! Like my last 5K, I used the iMapMyRun app and listened to my audiobook. It was great and started off flat. A little bit of the way in, the first live band was set up. They were playing jazz, and although it was cool, I couldn't hear my book! So we kept going. Then my phone goes "time: 7 min, 37 seconds; distance: 1.0 miles" and I went HOLY CRAP! Quite literately, actually. But to my surprise, about 1-2 minutes later, I passed the 1 mile sign. Obviously my phone and the course were not in sync. But we kept going and I kept running, even up the hills (which weren't THAT steep, but they were long and steady). Then my phone goes "time: 15 minutes, 58 seconds; distance: 2.0 miles; pace: 7 minutes, 52 seconds" Or something like that. And then again, there was the 2 mile sign a minute or so later. Then there was another band set up. They were playing rock songs, it was cool! But again, my audiobook was better. And then the hills got difficult. My goal was to get around the loop and get back to the band before I had to walk. And that I did. I estimate I started walking around the 2.5 mile mark, but man, those hills were just long and steady. At least there was a good amount of flat surfaces and no down hills! So I walked up the hill. As soon as it ended, I started running again. And then I just ran...and ran..and walked up a hill..and ran... and then my phone goes "time: 26 minutes, x seconds; distance: 3.0 miles; pace: 8 minutes, x seconds" (I honestly have no idea what it said!). And then I was like "ok. I know my phone and the course are about 0.25 miles off, so I MIGHT be able to get under 30 minutes, MIGHT!" But then there was another flipping hill! And although I REALLY wanted to run up it, it was just SO cold, my legs hurt from the hills, and I walked. Very quickly, but I walked up that hill. I turned the corner back onto the last street, saw the 3 mile marker sign, and started running. Then the finish line came in to view and I watched it go "29:59, 30:00" and went "MAN!" So what did I do? I sprinted that last 0.1 miles and I just RAN as fast as I could and all I thought was "JUST KEEP GOING!!! Get under 30:30" And I passed the finish line, looked up, and saw 30:28!! GOAL MET! AND, my average time was 9:49! 9:49!!! HOLY CRAP! That's under a 10 minute mile average WITH walking!! Granted, I didn't walk much (just 3 hills!), but still! WOOO!!

I caught my breath, which actually took a long time (have I mentioned how hard it is to sprint in the cold? My lungs hurt!), grabbed some water, and asked a nice man to take picture. So I introduce picture #2

And then I went to the farmers market, got some awesome apples and other fresh freggies, started sneezing non stop and dealing with a runny nose, went to the gym and biked for 30 minutes (because a 31 minute run is nothing!), had some food (finally!) and now am writing this blog, having to stop every few minutes so I can blow my nose.

Oh yes, and I took picture #3

Because guess what is special about this shirt? It's a SMALL!!! Yes, these shirts must run huge because a regular medium t shirt fits me perfectly right now, but this, my friends, is a size small! WOO!!

So now I'm off to take a shower, put on some sweat pants, drink some hot tea, study, and hope that I don't get sick. I took some emergen-C and bought tangerines at the farmers market, so hopefully I can fight it off by the end of the weekend!! I can't get sick!
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