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82 pounds gone! Then and now and the changes in between.

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Saturday, November 03, 2012

The last 20 months or so have been crazy!!! I'm down 82 pounds to 138 pounds from my starting weight of 220 pounds. I have lost a LOT of inches too. My body has changed drastically and I can physically do so much more so much easier than before I started with SparkPeople in mid-March of 2011.

This starting photo was taken late the fall before I started with SparkPeople this time at a gala, at which I was presenting a poster of my research on pancreatic cancer to the general public. The current photo on the right side was taken a week ago from today, at a Halloween party with friends. The heels were fun but I'm definitely not used to wearing stilettos. :D

This starting photo below was taken about the week before I started back with SparkPeople this time, mid-March of 2011. It was taken at a meet and greet with one of my favorite bands, Apocalyptica, before their concert in town. The current photo paired with the starting picture was taken yesterday evening, close to 20 months after starting with SparkPeople. It blows my mind the differences I see. :)

Towards the beginning of October, when I was having a rough day (and yes, I do have those occasionally) I decided to put my jeans from my starting weight back on to give myself a mental boost, and just for fun I thought... what the heck, lets see if I can manage to squeeze myself into just one pant leg of the jeans. :D And to my shock, I fit!!! I started giggling and about fell over trying to get to my phone to take a picture though.

However, my journey has become about SO much more than just pounds and inches to me!! I never could have imagined me saying that at the start of this journey. Of course, I love the pounds and inches lost, but I have learned SO much on this journey. When I started I remembering wishing there was a magic way to just instantly be at my goal weight, but now looking back on how far I have come.... I am thankful for the journey I have had so far and no longer want/wish for that magic way. Without this journey I would never have learned how to make it work regardless of what life throws at me. Life happens and is sometimes messy, but that is no reason to not treat yourself and your body well. I have found that when I eat well and exercise regularly I am much more equipped to handle the curve balls that life throws my way.

I have also learned to love myself, with some help from a group of amazing people. Looking back, like most people, I have said some pretty mean things to myself. What good did saying mean things do for me? NONE!!! The world is harsh enough without me joining in! As I have learned to love myself, I have also stopped allowing others to put me down and no longer accept being treated poorly either. No one deserves to be torn down, put down, or treated only as a convenience by ANYONE!

I continue this journey with 13 pounds to go at the moment, until reaching my goal weight. I know I will reach that weight of 125, regardless of when it happens. However, my focus has shifted from just numbers to focusing on all the other changes I'm noticing within me.
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