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Friday, November 02, 2012

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~Edward Stanley

I knew a lady who decided that she didn't have to diet or exercise because she was going to get that bypass surgery for the tummy... um, hang on... (googling) Oh, yeah Gastric Bypass. I asked her why she wanted to do that instead of trying to diet and exercise first and her answer was that she "didn't have time". REALLY? OBVIOUSLY she didn't understand the surgery at all. She thought it was a quick fix that would have her waking up the next morning thin and beautiful and healthy and she'd not have to change her way of life at all. She had NO clue that she'd end up right back like she was. I know some people who have been very successful with GBS but not ONE who has been successful who hasn't had to completely change their life. There is NO "quick fix" in the health of your body. Unless you die shortly afterwards, you will always have to extend energy, thought and accountability to be healthy in life. You can use this energy, thought and accountability (and the time that goes into them) to get and/or stay healthy, or you can use it to recouperate and manage chronic disease and ailments. Think you have time for cancer treatments because you don't have time to work on smoking cessation? Time for dialysis because you don't have time to control your glucose levels? Time for a heart bypass because you don't have time to reduce your triglycerides? (TGDs are the #1 indicator of heart disease, not cholesterol - and they usually go hand in hand).

I'd rather spend the time, energy, etc. getting and staying healthy than reduce my lifespan by 20+ years AND spend all that time feeling miserable and being sick.
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