Survived the Storms and Had a Great Check Up Today

Friday, November 02, 2012

Hurricane Sandy was kind to DC; apparently she saved her wrath for places further north. A tree branch smacked the trunk of my husband's car and dented the trunk and smashed a tail light but that was the extent of the damage. The new roof repairs held and the basement stayed dry. We even kept power through the whole thing. So we got off very easily. And I'm grateful.

The other storm was *inside* my house. Last week's blogs mentioned some discord between DH and I over the state of our house and our general level of baby preparedness. As of Wednesday I thought we were through it but I was wrong. We had three more days of frustration. We finally cleared the air Saturday night - just before our friends' Halloween party, which was fortuitous. Sunday DH seriously swung into action and, with the help of some friends, reworked the bedroom to fit in a crib and changing table and empty a wardrobe for the babies' stuff. DH and his buddy started the big, involved, task of completely redoing the living room while my girlfriend and I shopped for organization stuff, then started putting the bedroom to rights. This weekend I'll post pics of our Halloween costumes and house progress pics. We know have places to sleep, change, and bathe babies. Next up is feeding and relaxing (thus the living room redo).

DH got a bad cold that morphed into a sinus infection in the midst of all this craziness. Inevitably, he passed it to me. The silver lining here is that we go to the same GP, who said he didn't need to see me to write a prescription since he was sure I had exactly what he'd seen DH for last week. I love practical doctors!

So the past 10 days or so have been a perfect storm and pretty nasty. But things are definitely looking up. This morning I saw the OB for a routine glucose test to check for diabetes, a sonogram, and a routine check up. The sugar rush has left me shaky and jittery most of the day, but I can deal with it. The sonogram went great! The girls are 2 pounds 15 ounces and 3 pounds 3 ounces each - big for 28 weeks! emoticon My check up went well, too - I am growing as I should be, weight gain is on track (203 - almost my start weight here at SP!), blood pressure looks good. The glucose test will let us know if we need to be worried about gestational diabetes, but right now there are no signs that I am prone to premature delivery. All excellent news!

The downside, which I discussed with the doctor, is that bigger babies make life harder for mama. Walking, standing, eating, breathing, and sleeping are getting harder. My doctor asked if I'm still working full time and I could tell by the look on her face that that wasn't going to last for long. Turns out I was quite correct: she wants me to cut back to half time effective Monday. Ironically, I'm so good at growing big, healthy babies that I have to slow down to make sure I bake them for long enough. Babies' size can trigger premature delivery, which we want to avoid. Honestly, the idea of half days is very appealing right now. I'm so tired all the time, traffic is beyond stressful, and I just can't keep up. Plus having more time at home will help me deal with my nesting crisis; I've been seriously stressing over our utter lack of preparedness since my baby shower 2 weeks ago, and it has got to stop. I figure having more time at home will make me feel like I'm making more progress - without wearing myself out.

So today has been a whirlwind of HR stuff but it is all done and I'm ready to cut back my hours. emoticon On that note, I'm going to go home and start my weekend. Have a great weekend, y'all!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a wonderful blog update, Jennifer -- good outcomes all 'round, and BRAVO HOORAY and THANK GOODNESS for all of it! (If only my own having the horrid cold from chest to sinuses could've spared you yours, though!)

    SO glad that you're now on reduced hours of work -- there is a primary task needing finishing, that's for sure.

    Have my voice back, and can peer at a computer screen without too awful a price in eye-itchies! So, will take a peek at your photos to see if the new ones did get posted ...

    hugs, as always!
    3107 days ago
    Oh my goodness--I remember the "storm" of getting ready for our first baby and truly can't imagine trying to figure out twins! Glad you are getting it done.

    Also glad you are able to cut back on work hours. That will be healthier ALL the way around!
    3109 days ago
    Yey for part time! MORE PICS :)
    3110 days ago
    So happy you get to go half time! I know you will enjoy the weeks coming up to get organized and REST!
    3110 days ago
    My goodness, sounds like there's a lot going on! I'm glad your Sandy damage was kept to a minimum!
    3110 days ago
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