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33 Weeks

Friday, November 02, 2012

It is amazing, frightening, and wildly exciting that in just a few weeks we could be holding our daughter. Just 4 weeks until "full term" (at 37 weeks, when we can deliver at the birth center instead of going to a hospital!) and 7 weeks until her due date! This week our baby girl is right around 4 pounds and so big and strong in there it is really feeling like there is a baby trapped in my belly (not just a little fish like during the second trimester!)

So far I have stayed super busy getting the house in order, mingling with long lost Seattle friends, and taking copious naps. Frankly, I just LOVE being back in Seattle. Also not working is great while being pregnant, I absolutely have my days were I really miss work, miss my clients, my co-workers, and miss having something to challenge my brain, and miss bringing home that paycheck (and the sense of independence it brings with it)- but then I take a walk (and a nap) and I get over it.

The best thing about staying at home is the lack of guilt! Seriously, I was so stressed out, working 12-13 hour days and straight through weekend after weekend and I felt horrible. I wasn't exercising like I wanted to, and I wasn't eating like I wanted to, and I resorted to chocolate...often... now I can eat healthy meals, take long walks and generally just feel 100 percent better.

Taking advantage of the nice weather and fall colors!

Marley enjoying the sun

Sawyer after a walk in the rain (it is Seattle, after all!)

The pregnancy thing is hard- you are reminded every day of how it is such a blessing to have a functioning healthy body! I am constantly getting reminders of how things are different and my body just says enough (hence the constant napping). But really I have been SO lucky. No insane back pain (except while moving!), no nausea, and no kicks to the ribs. If I need a crazy contraction every now and again to remind me not to push it so much, then so be it.

My belly button however is totally sticking out. I had utterly convinced myself that this was just NOT going to happen to me. Plus, it happened in a way I wasn't expecting. The actual belly button, or say the skin inside it, isn't what it is sticking out, it is a ring directly around the outside of my belly button that sticks out, which is crazy. Though now that I think about it, this whole experience is crazy and very surreal, but becoming more and more of a reality as I get bigger and bigger and bigger and we get closer to meeting this little Sprout with every passing day!

Even though have been doing so so well so far I still have to say I am reaching the uncomfortable stage at this point. It is getting harder to do basic things (like roll over in bed) and I have to take lots of breaks throughout the day. I never get half as much done as I feel like I should, but on the other hand, it is probably good that I am managing to keep myself busy. I still hope that this baby girl is listening to her mama and makes an appearance closer to the 37-38 week mark than 42 weeks, because I don't know that my sanity can take two more months!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm 35 weeks and I can relate to everything - the belly button (mine's been out for at least a month now), the getting more uncomfortable. I envy you not having to work. I'll be working another two weeks (I'll be 37w2d) - up until Thanksgiving. I'm hoping baby girl stays in there the full 40 weeks so I have time to set up, something I haven't been able to do while working. Enjoy your last few weeks, and best wishes to you & your soon-to-be-larger family!
    2021 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    You look absolutely glowing! I love that 2nd picture of you with the striped shirt..I am so excited for you! Any questions, let me know ok? I'll never forget how it felt to have to "roll" out of bed when I was pregnant in the 3rd tri every 2-3 hours to go pee towards the end cuz the baby was just always on my bladder hahahah XOOXOX
    2023 days ago
    So exciting! Enjoy these last few weeks and take as many naps as you can. I can't wait to see cute pictures of your little girl :)
    2023 days ago
    You are so beautiful! The belly button thing....I can so relate to. I hate my belly button touched, it makes me cringe. So when it decided to roll out a bit with my second pregnancy, I had a hard time adjusting.
    Rest all you can! Take all the naps in the world! Your body is doing an amazing thing :)
    2026 days ago
    How wonderful and exciting!!
    2026 days ago
    Things sound great for you - keep up those naps while you still can! Best wishes on the birth!
    2026 days ago
    You look amazing and it sounds like your pregnancy is going very well!
    2026 days ago
    beautiful pictures! you look great! and i hate to tell you this...but... its going to get more uncomfortable =p
    2026 days ago
  • DARJR50
    Congrats on the upcoming birth
    2026 days ago
  • TXTOAD9970
    Just take it easy and enjoy your pregnancy. You will look back on this time with fond memories. Congratulations on your impending bundle of joy!
    2026 days ago
    2026 days ago
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