Days 14 & 15: Restaurant Preview & Halloween

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Update: I still agree with 90% of what I said here - it's true that we have to do things in moderation and be accountable for them. And it's also true that we have to make a lifestyle change rather than a diet. That being said. I feel really sick today after eating about 10 pieces of candy yesterday and indulging in a diet coke. And I also ate hot dogs because I figured - eh, it's Halloween, I'll just enjoy it. And I'm really bloated. So all in all, I'm a bit miserable. :( I'm not sure it was worth it.

I look at what I'm doing on Sparkpeople as a lifestyle. The truth is that everything I want has to be in moderation. I can't up and quit eating chocolate once in awhile, because I LOVE chocolate. I realize that if I deprive myself of all the things I love that once I lose the weight, I'll just gain it back again when I start bingeing all over again. So instead, I try to be accountable.

As it turns out, we were invited to a surprise event. My husband works for the local chamber of commerce and he got invited to a hotel restaurant that is opening later this month. They asked us to preview their menu along with several other vendors and special guests. They brought us out an appetizer, a soup and salad to share, and an entree for each of us. In total, I think I ended up eating 1500 calories in this one meal(!) but my overall calories for the day were 2200 something. Which honestly, I don't think is all that bad considering.

I could have turned my husband down and not gone. But it's funny because we are always so broke that we can't go out to eat and we've been invited to dinner twice in the last week. Anyway, the point is that this is a special, rare occasion to have this opportunity. I ate light beforehand and enjoyed myself rather than stressing about every bite. That was important to me that I have a good time. Because let's be honest. This IS a lifestyle. If I was invited out at 150 lbs. to a dinner like this - would I go? YES!

And then there was Halloween, of course. How strange that I had these two occasions two days in a row! I allowed myself to have some candy and then I tracked every bite I ate. To be honest, I should have eaten fewer pieces, but I feel okay about it. My calories are only a few hundred over the daily goal.

All of this is to say - it's okay to indulge (a little!) on the holidays and it's okay to enjoy yourself at special events, just don't let it be an excuse to binge or overeat on purpose because you feel like you've failed. I ate one snack after the dinner because I was hungry later on, but I didn't overdo it just because I was over my calories. That wouldn't help me in the least. And tomorrow, I'll be tracking my calories and keeping my numbers a little lower the rest of the week and I'm going to make sure to get my daily exercise. I feel like everything is going to work out.

And on Thanksgiving, you can bet I'm going to enjoy it (with reasonable portions, of course!). I just know I wouldn't be able to sustain a lifestyle that included not eating enjoyable foods on the holidays, never going to restaurants, and never getting to enjoy special occasions. This feels right to me. :)

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    You are keeping it in perspective, that is so important. Perfection doesn't lose weight persistence does. Just keep on going!
    2995 days ago
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