Oh, the Sweet Sweet Temptation of Halloween Treats

Thursday, November 01, 2012

AHA!! You thought this was going to be a post about how I couldn't help myself and ended up on my kitchen floor in a sea of chocolate wrappers and regret.

Can I be honest and say I wasn't even tempted? I mean, I adore chocolate as much as the next chocoholic but my newfound passion is for dark, good, cocoa that is slightly bitter and oh so yummy. Anything over 75 percent, thank you, if you are thinking of sending me some. :)

I'm no longer a fan of the oil-laden, milky, sweet stuff that numbs your mouth with additives. But once upon a time I would have killed an entire king-sized Snickers in one gulp and then moved on to an assortment of Kit Kat, Mars Bars, even M&Ms, although all those shells and nuts always got in the way of my gluttony. Speaking of, I remember one Easter, my parents bought me a Lindt chocolate rabbit wrapped in gold, the size of (gulp) an actual rabbit. I ate it all in one night. ALL of it. I'm not even sure whether I unwrapped the foil.

Despite the temptations lurking everywhere, I still enjoy Halloween. My family dressed up, carved pumpkins (I wanted to cook their flesh for future low-carb pumpkin cheesecake and for seeds, thereby killing two gourds with one knife) and watched spooky movies. OK, watched Biggest Loser, but that counts, right?

I thought about buying candy for our trick or treaters, but then decided against it. Instead, I had a bowl full of delicious apples at the ready, which I unapologetically dropped into the children's buckets, smiling sweetly but giving them the LOOK if they asked why I wasn't giving them sweets.

Apples are sweet enough, kids. Also, don't they know those candy bars will give them acne and reduce their dating pool significantly when they hit adolescence? No use saying stuff like, 'Hey Kids, that food will kill you.' The young are immortal, everyone knows that. You have to hit them with the truth where it hurts.

And then the truth hit **me**

I've become THAT kooky woman. The one all the kids hated when I was younger. The one who passed out fruit instead of chocolate bars and told you how it was good for you and how it wouldn't rot your teeth. We never listened to her. No candy corn, Hersheys or that squishy peanut candy that stuck to your molars? We all thought she was nuttier than a Payday. The only house more hated during halloween was the one where the old lady gave out pennies and expired coupons.

So how about you? Did you give into temptation?

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    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I was TOTALLY going to say-"apples are better than pennies" till I saw you added that last bit. It's SO true! Pennies were the worst.

    As for being tempted by Halloween candies...I passed those up for two beers instead. =D
    3088 days ago
    Thrice! Maybe five times (They were the min, mini bars). But, since then I have, strangely enough, also been indulging in the occasional hot chocolate and tonight a nice cup of tea. The candy was only tempting when my kid was enthused about it (luckily, he has the memory of a toddler and only asks for it when he goes to the bathroom in the toilet; it's a prize). I also gave out candy, but none with nuts. Some year, I may go old school and hand out quarters. That used to be hip in my day, although in my day it was pennies. That was just as awful as apples. LOL.
    3089 days ago
    I had 2 mini chocolate bars, as opposed to the 12 (read 24) I ate last year.
    Yay me! emoticon
    3090 days ago
    Yes I did but only one days worth, thank goodness, but i love snickers and they had Snickers pumpkins yum yum
    3090 days ago
    I have 3 kids, and so my house is a smoregous board of candies. Although I limited the kids to only going out long enough to fill half of a grocery bag this year. Unfortunately I work part time at a school, and the teachers and secretary had all made up treat bags for my kids with their left over candy...and when I got home I got right into those bags and decimated them. I'm not proud, but I did learn an important lesson: I'm still not ready to have those kinds of temptations around me yet.
    3091 days ago
    I gave in to the extent of one fun sized crunchie bar today and a small piece of chocolate fudge cake and two chocolate finger biscuits yesterday. Small beer, really.
    3091 days ago
    You did better than I did. I bought some Hershey's dark chocolate, better than most of the candy but still not healthy. At least something that I was not tempted by at all.
    3091 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9922996
    Just like last year, I very cleverly bought candy I don't care about that much (it would be too much to hope for that I didn't care about it at all) and I have 99% of it left because we only had 4 kids!? So, next Tuesday it goes to a class I facilitate and the left overs from that stay in the kitchen for the next groups.

    Since I have recommitted to no wheat, no sugar, candy is not on the menu.

    I'm with you, though. I now prefer dark chocolate.

    Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?!

    3091 days ago
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