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Hurricane Sandy, one for the record book.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I don't remember when I first heard about this hurricane. I had not made preparations as of Friday. My husband told me that our son was supposed to help me to get the blinds and curtains put back up since the windows were finished on Tuesday and we had church Wednesday evening. My son left and the curtains and blinds are still down. I washed all of the curtains and had them folded in a laundry basket. My son wanted me to stay home and wait on a UPS delivery. He is moving and UPS delivered a flat screen TV.

My husband came home Friday and worked on the blinds. He and my son took them all down, but then couldn't figure out what blind went to what window. In the living room I have one that covers the window and one that is over a foot too short.

My husband told me he had to work Saturday. Guess who did the hurricane preparations? I told my son I wanted him to move his car so I could get the van out. It was morning and I wasn't dressed so he didn't move it. Around 3 in the afternoon, I got in my van, backed over the flower bed and drove out into the yard and into the street, but I got around his car.

I tried to buy things I wouldn't have to refrigerate. I bought deviled ham, Vienna sausages, fruit cups, fresh apples, saltine crackers for cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers, Kashi trail mix granola bars, ramen noodles, ginger snaps, popcorn, potato chips, Chex mix, instant oatmeal variety pack, pudding and beef jerky. I also bought tissues and Britta filters all at the same store.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought two cases of bottled water (no gallon jugs were left), skim milk, small cans of pineapple juice, Fuze mango peach drinks and a pound each of veal and pork to make meatloaf with. I came home and restacked our wood so that loose boards would be on their sides in between pallets and then I pulled a tarp over the pallets and set heavy logs on the tarp.

When hubby came home after helping our son's friend (after 9 PM) we went to KMart to get stuff that was on sale there before the ad changed on Sunday.

Sunday morning, I made a meatloaf before we left for church. When we got home hubby and son pulled another tarp over some of the other pallets of wood in the yard and put heavy logs on the tarp. We used bungee cords to secure our trash cans and lids but put our trash and recycling can out for Sunday into Monday morning and the city workers gathered it. It began raining on Saturday. The temperatures were in the low 60's.

I gathered four oil lamps and washed them, batteries for the flashlights, the lighter we use on the grill, candles, first aid kit and a list of things we needed to complete before the storm. We got everything done and our son moved some of his belongings to his friend's house. His friend bought a house and our son is moving in with him.

I visited my Mom and brought her dirty laundry home to wash and took clean clothes over. The prediction was that power might be out until Election Day, Nov. 6th.

My husband had off work Monday and Tuesday due to the hurricane. He went to bed and I stayed up because I thought the tree in our neighbor's yard might come down. I fell asleep in the recliner with the wind gusting to between 70-75 mph. There was nothing more that could be done except to pray and trust the Lord.

Our electric stayed on the whole time, nothing blew away and nothing blew onto our property. The basement didn't flood and our new stove damper worked great, no back blowing of smoke into the basement. Our house was a warm 72 degrees from the wood stove. The wind chill factor was 28 degrees on Tuesday.

I made egg salad on Monday. We cooked 18 eggs, I left 6 to make pickled eggs with. We ate the homemade food in case the power went out, we would have the food I bought to get us through until power could be restored. Yesterday we peeled and chopped a bunch of little potatoes my brother-in-law gave to us when he dug potatoes. My husband fried half of them and I have the rest in vinegar water to make mashed potatoes tonight.

Our son had to go to work on Monday, but was sent home about 2 PM. He moved a lot of his stuff out on Sunday, but came over Monday to get some firewood for the fireplace where he will live.

Creeks and rivers have not crested here yet, but they have reached flood stage and are over the banks.

I am grateful to God that it went well for us. We put bags of rocks that we bought to put around the air conditioner at the top of the stairs to the cellar door. Water pools there and may go down behind the concrete stairs to the basement.

I am worn out from the stress, even though nothing happened.

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