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I'm so excited...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First off, I want to say my thoughts go out to the 6 million without power right now, from Hurricane Sandy, you are in my prayers, thoughts, posts, and I do ever so hope people are coping well :)

Back in safe little new zealand..
I am happily doing my Body Revolution Program
(Thank you Jillian Michaels, I emoticon you!)
I'm on Wednesday, aka Day Three, and those who know me on here, know this was the first program I tried when coming onto to Spark and I LOVED IT! I lost 3kgs in 3 days, and was doing it twice a day and it was awesome.. However... I got injury was banned from all exercise, wah wah wah..

Anyway I had to buy some heavier weights yesterday.. (go me) and I did the Cardio one today (there is an upper body, lower body, cardio then repeat then rest, then repeat.. that way you are resting your muscles 2-3 days in between) very cool. Plus if you dont know it has "plyometrics" rushing teh blood up and down the body, as well as mixing cardio with strength in 1 minute sets, High intensity interval training? i think. ANYWAY. thats basically the program.
Today I did the Cardio one, for phase 1, (there are phases as your fitness increases!)
And I had forgotten the HORROR of "Running Man" I was quickly reminded of the 7 or so attempts I tried to do them.. with shoes.. without.. on the lino.. on the carpet.. with a friend.. without.. etc etc.. I just couldn't do them before..
Today I did probably.. 1 whole minute. then later in the set, another half, before faltering. then in the third, i couldnt hardly at all.. lol. That's a huge improvement =)
And suicides? Piece of cake!

My insulin diet.. SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT! actually, it's quite awesome, because I lost a kg in a day... Lets hope it stays off? my body is all up and down like a see-saw. Also the recipes are easy as, and, the plate looks quite pretty and healthy.. Yesterday I was loading up the veges into the tracker, keep going and going and going.. I was SHOCKED that watercress (a whole plate full) was 7 calories. Shocked. lol.. that's not the calorie counting I'm used to.

Then.. I had a EIGHT HOUR SUGAR CRAVING. as I am not eating bread, or sugar basically..... eiggghttt hourss....
I finally quenched it with a cookie and a glass of apple juice.. and then.. once all my accountable partners were in bed..
I ate... you dont know wanna know.. lol.. LOTS of chocolate and bread and cheese.
What is THAT about?

and the HORRIFIC thing is.. I bought this cute little tube of cadbury chocolates.. like of like.. Rolos?? little bite size pieces.. the entire roll however.. is a whopping 550 calories.
That is more than I eat in ANY meal!
And secondly. Thats 80 cups of Water Cress Salad...
I can't imagine 80 cups of that...

Kinda like:
You can have 10 Buckets of this... or....


Had I know it was so STUFFED full of Calories, I wouldnt have bought it.. As it happens.. I've only eaten a 1/3.. Nasty evil chocolate! >:(
.. how do they stuff all the calories in there anyway?? chop them up really fine? melt them down.. sprinkle in some more, repeat the process?? add some fat? I dunno! that's a LOT of calories.
That actually.. lol, hurt my feelings.. chocolate bars are usually 200 or so.. How could they ethically do that.. and then say "there are 2.2 servings in this one packet" (that you can't reseal of course.... Grr...Food Companies....
Well anyway.

The thing that REALLLY REALLY REALLY excited me..
I noticed these girls up in the .. i dunno.. studio? There is a glass wall facing the swimming pools below
(and below the studio is the gym which also has a glass wall facing the pool) not very cool when i wanna get out of the pool and the boys are on the treadmills.. Bleh but anyway.
I couldnt help but stare at this one girl.. she looked about 17, she was TINY.. and super fit and bouncing around.. and all the girls were jumping around in unisen.. then in circles.. then on the steps.. then doing weights.. then on their backs doing things..
I could barely focus on my Aquafit class that burns only 400 calories for an hour..
I wanted what those girls had!! it looked insane!

After I went swimming, got dressed etc.. I noticed the exact same girl.. chatting to a friend in the foyer (on the ground floor again)

She looked something like this when working out..
I was SO SO SO SO very brave.. and i approached the super beautiful people.. and explained I had noticed them from the swimming pool... I asked them what class they were doing. how they found it, if they thought I could handle it.. The girl who appeared to be 17 from her body shape and energy and enthusiasm in class.. was approximately.. aged 47? in person?
She said it was a tricky kind of class and they couldnt get the part with the something or other....
Do you think someone like me could handle this?? I'm fit but.. overweight..
"Yes! all shapes and sizes do our class! come along!" she said...
So I said, "Okay, I'll see you guys next week!!!"
We had some laughs and it was pleasant :)
(see! pretty people can be nice!!) Yay! Now I have some new acquaintances in the class too! GO ME!

And I'm pretty sure its about 1560 calories per hour! IT's INSANE
The class is called X fit... (it's not Cross Fit however)

I'm scared and excited and worried I wont be able to hack the pace! But I've been lusting after that class for the last 6 weeks i've been to aquafit! Time to upgrade! :D
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Do you know what I just realised?...
It wasnt that long ago I hated exercise.. haha Who is this new Me?? Yay!

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    You are a freaking rockstar! And getting heavier weights? HUGE NSV!! You are awesome, love the new you!! emoticon emoticon
    1997 days ago
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