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October 2012 Good Stuff (NSVs)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's that time again!
Some "Trick or Treat"-themed Good Stuff (where, sadly, nary a single Fun Size Snickers is to be found)...

(Or, rather, things that go ZZZzzzzzzz in the night and wake up The Hubs!)

Yep, I'm talking about snoring. Check out my "Reasons To Lose" notation on my SparkPage and you'll see that one of those reasons I wanted to lose weight was to get rid of sleep apnea.

Disclaimer: I was never officially diagnosed with SA, but my husband and child can tell you I used to snore like a mutha (clarification: definitely NOT like a "mother", which I imagine would be sweet and all dainty-like). In the last year or so, I found my snoring was disturbing my own sleep pattern to the point that I'd even wake myself up a few times a night.

Once that started happening, I knew I'd either have to go to a doc and resign myself to wearing one of those Darth Vader mask thingys to bed every night (ssssexxxxy!), or I'd have to shut up and lose weight. Guess which one I chose?

This month, when I made some self-deprecating reference to my snoring to The Hubs, he told me I actually haven't snored in a while -- like since August! When he said that, I realized that I hadn't woken myself up with snoring in a long while (woken myself to pee, yes, but snoring, no!). Even the Kiddo said that the snores have ceased!

So, awesome! Lose 50# and everyone gets a good night's sleep!
Nothing scary about that!

Once upon a time, I used to get heartburn. Not bad, like the Prilosec commercials -- my heartburn was more of a Tums commercial sort of heartburn: not anything I sought medical help for, but an annoying inconvenience. It started in my early 30s, and when it started, I would only get it if I over-indulged in Italian food.

Over the years, it ramped up to where I expected to feel a little heartburn at bedtime, no matter what I ate. It escalated during pregnancy, where I ate Tums like they were Pez. I thought it was part of pregnancy (which is a reasonable thought) and growing older (which wasn't the case).

The fact of the matter was that I was eating too damn much.
There. I said it!
And I've never been an "eat-a-whole-pie" kind of fat girl, either. I was simply eating too much pasta, bread and cheese and it was filling me up to the point where I was actually causing myself gastric distress.
(Gawd, even typing that makes me wonder what I was thinking...)

Today, having heartburn is rare for me. I still get it if I eat super-spicy foods, or (on the few occasions since I started this weight loss effort) when I do slightly over-indulge. But it's not an every day, every week or even every month kind of thing! It feels so good to go to sleep without expecting to suffer that burning sensation in my chest and throat!

Well, not scared, really...but my pants *were* in grave danger of falling off!

This is a small NSV, but I went up another notch in my belt this month! It really is about time that I bought some new jeans...

(Hey, they can't all be winners...)

My absolute favorite place in Atlanta is Little Five Points (L5P), which Wikipedia refers to as "Atlanta's answer to Haight-Ashbury" (so gather from that what you will). I love it! Every year, the district hosts the Little Five Points Halloween Parade. It's awesome, and the Kiddo has marched in it with the Silver Scream folks for many years.

For at least the last few years, artist R. Land (savvy "Loss Cat", anyone?) has been commissioned to design the parade poster and t-shirts for the annual event. I have not-so-secretly lusted after his L5P Halloween Parade t-shirts for lo these many years. Last year's had this design on the front:

Super-cute, right?

But here's the rub (and you knew there was one coming): they never make the shirts above a size XL. It's probably a matter of economics, rather than intentionally dissing the bigger folks in the crowd, but it's always made me sad. I totally WANT an R. Land shirt...but since we've been going to the event, I've always worn a size 2X.

Until this year.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

See you next month!!!
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