"Runaanubandh" or Connections!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today Chhaaya Bai left her 22 years old job with us---abruptly without an explanation!!She just sent me a terse message with Vanita saying that she will not be coming to work at our home any more!!While the way it was done pained me I think perhaps she felt she could not have done it any other way--for 22 years is a long time!!
She first came to me on the 13th. August 1990---a thin wiry lady whom I engaged as a "Sous" Cook as those days my health wasn't very good----hence I needed someone to look after the Kitchen whenever I fell sick.Since she too hailed from the Konkan, her style of cooking suited all 4 of us---and gradually she became a part of our lives and then our family.Later in June,1999 she brought in her co sister -in-law Vanita to me when my Jayashree Bai left due to some problems in her Village.Since then these two have been the mainstay in my home--till yesterday!!During my Dengue Hospital Stay these two helped Mummy to run the house on smoothly oiled wheels---and Vanita began coming every Evening to cook our dinners.These two kept my household on an even keel during the period of December 2006-31st July 2007--during which my Operation,Chemotherapy and Radiation took place.Later it was once more these two who kept the wheels turning for the 10 days I spent in Hospital after my Heart attack and Angioplasty--and these two who looked after me afterwards--helping Sudhir to nurse me back to Health.
It was to keep Sudhir peaceful that this duo would arrive before he left for Court in the morning---and wait till he came back home in the evenings--ceremoniously handing over my Parcel to him!!!They never left me alone after that because this duo and Sudhir were convinced that I was going to cop it any time---so they kept me under their Eagle eye throughout the day!!After he passed away last year ,this duo provided me with a great amount of emotional support---by just listening to my Memories or being there whenever I grieved!!Today one link has broken--how--why I do not know!!Since I have received a message via Vanita I will not embarass Chhaaya Bai by broaching the subject of the "whys" and the "wherefores" with her.Obviously it has been a decision that she has arrived at after due deliberation and long thought.She has plenty of Health problems---like a gap in her back Vertebrae as well as Arthritic knees and a frozen shoulder as well.Physical handicaps that have been earned after a hard life.Today I'm left with a lingering sadness for a relationship that has been a large part of my life has ended---and more than an Employee I have lost a Friend.I guess the period of our "Runanubandh" or Relationship was just till now---and today the bond that bound us ended.So I will only say this to my Friend----quoting Byron--- "Fare Thee Well --and if Forever Still Forever Fare Thee Well!!'
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    I am so sorry to hear this Komal perhaps she is ill and does not want to burden you with it ,it does seem a very abrupt way to leave.
    2034 days ago
    Awe..sorry. Maybe you should talk to her and make sure everything is ok. Goodbyes are hard, however they happen. :-(
    2034 days ago
    Oh how sad, perhaps you can send a letter to her letting her know how much she meant to you & your family..Even though she left she is surly hurting also & maybe she is too shy to talk to you about it. I could not let this go..she was not only a help mate,but also as a member of your family, not through blood but through an intertwining of oneness that came so close to as member of your family.
    What does a Parcel mean?
    Take care
    2035 days ago
  • BANAN2
    Maybe she didn't enjoy the idea of your new business venture and all the extra cooking that might come about as a result. Hopefully you two can talk about it and remain friends even without her working for you. 22 years is a long relationship to just let drift away without explanation.
    2035 days ago
  • MIRFA71
    Sorry to hear Komal. These household helps become a part of our families and life with time. It is very sad and heartening when they just leave so abruptly and sometimes with out explanation. But guess, they get tired and just can't help it. They are always missed. emoticon
    2035 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    So sorry Komal. Maybe it was too difficult for her to say goodbye. Hopefully after some time has passed, she will come back in your life as the friend you have cherished for so long.
    2035 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    emoticon That is sad..hope she visits to talk to u about it...

    take care Komal..

    love u loads
    2035 days ago
  • *MADHU*
    2035 days ago
  • CHARITY1973
    I am sorry to hear of your loss and the suddenness of it. It reminded me of a Robert Frost quote, "Ah, when to the heart of man was it ever less than a treason to go with the drift of things to yield with a grace to reason and bow and accept at the end of a love or a season."

    I hope you are well looked after. Comfort is so missed when it is lost. Best wishes. If I were in Mumbai, I'd take tea with you and hear your stories. I'd like that.
    2035 days ago
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