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Replacing Old Assumptions with New Truths

Monday, October 29, 2012

Have you ever made an assumption that turned out to be untrue? Have you ever lied to yourself to avoid responsibility for your behavior? I sure have and as my goal weight is in sight, I've realized that a lot of things I had routinely assumed are no longer true. Here is the self-talk I used to replace my old assumptions with new truths:

Assumption: It's impossible to lose weight after 40.
Truth: The weight comes off more slowly, but it's not impossible.

Assumption: I'm too old to jog or run.
Truth: If you're in good health and train properly, you can transition from walking to running.

Assumption: I'm too busy to exercise.
Truth: This is another way of saying "Exercise is not a priority." Make it an appointment on your calendar and honor the commitment.

Assumption: I can't stay on a diet long enough to lose weight.
Truth: If you deny yourself your favorite foods, you will fail. Find a way to include them as part of a calorie-reduced eating plan. Make shifts in your eating habits, not overhauls.

Assumption: I've tried 1,000's of diets and have failed every time.
Truth: Fall six times get up seven. If you "fail" it means you tried to do too much, too soon. Baby steps, baby steps. Food shifts, 10 minutes of exercise. Start where you are.

Assumption: I am an emotional eater. When I'm bored/stressed/depressed/angry
, I eat.
Truth: Remember your plan: 1) call a friend; 2) get counseling; 3) go to the gym; 4) do housework.

Assumption: I have no willpower.
Truth: 90% of the time, you can control your food environment. 10% of the time, you can't. Plan accordingly. If you're going to a friend's house for dinner, figure out what you are willing to do. Go ahead and have their world-famous lasagna, but skip the store-bought dessert. Eat a piece of fruit ahead of time.

Assumption: I'm good at dieting/exercise, but can't do both consistently.
Truth: It's tough to be consistent on two fronts. Start where you are and slowly build up better habits.

Assumption: I lose weight too slowly.
Truth: Depends on how you define slowly. One pound a week is average.

Assumption: I'm too impatient to lose weight.
Truth: Find something else to do with your time besides obsess about the scale. Waiting to lose weight is like watching paint dry. Distract yourself.

Assumption: I don't like to eat fruits or vegetables.
Truth: Make a list of the ones you DO like and eat those. Be open to trying new foods and new recipes.

Assumption: Diets are boring.
Truth: Only if you don't plan.

Assumption: I don't like writing down what I eat
Truth: You have to decide if losing weight is a priority. If it is, then you'll track your eating.

Assumption: I can never get below ___ pounds.
Truth: You never know until you try.

And now, my most recent:

Assumption: I can't run 5K.
Truth: You just finished a virtual 5K. You CAN run 5K.

It's all good!

Onward and downward.

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