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Would you Adam and Eve it?

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Monday, October 29, 2012

I had a checkup at the doc's today and while I was there I took the opportunity to get on her scales. These aren't the same scales as the scales I was weighed on last time I was there, they were in a different room. I just hope they are calibrated by the same person, these scales.

The result was startling. I've lost six pounds since seeing the doctor two weeks ago. In the preceding three months, I had only lost 13 pounds.

So what's the difference? The secret of my success? The magic wand?

Two things:

One, I've kept within my calories (except one day when I went seriously off the rails)

Two, I've done a bit more exercise than I needed.

So there it is. Not eating things I know perfectly well I shouldn't and exercising makes me lose weight.

Who would have thought it?

It's a miracle. I celebrated with garlic mushrooms on toast (178 calories) and a nice glass of dry rose wine (73 calories)

I need a further miracle, mind. By a staggering coincidence, SP's wonderful software tells me that to get to my ideal weight, I need to stick to this until 28 October 2013, in other words a year ago yesterday.

So you'll be seeing me around for quite a while longer.

Pass us that bottle will you. I'll have another drink while I absorb that.

PS: Cockney rhyming slang: 'Adam and Eve it' = believe it.
PPS: That's Percy the small cat with the wine. His eyes only glow like that around Hallowe'en.
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