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Monday, October 29, 2012

What does a couple do on a rainy drizzly damp day? Well, when you both are numbers geeks (hubby in an engineer and I'm an accountant) you crunch numbers! Ok, so not the most exciting thing in the world to do but here's what we discovered yesterday as we were crunching my weight loss numbers.

Upon returning to spark in July, I weighed 181 pounds with gasp 47.7% fat (according to by body composition scale, I know, not the golden accuracy of the water immersion measurement but a good indicator of a trend), my last weigh in was 159.4 pounds with 38.8% fat.

Here's how the numbers look when crunched....

Beginning number of fat pounds = 181 x 47.7% = 86.34 pounds of fat
Last weigh in = 159.4 x 38.8% = 61.85 pounds of fat.

I've lost 21.6 pounds (181-159.4=21.6 pounds lost), but here's the WOW part I've lost 24.49 pounds of fat(86.34 fat pounds - 61.85 fat pounds = 24.49 pounds of fat lost), which means I've actually gained muscle while losing weight, exactly 2.89 pounds of muscle gained (24.49 fat pounds lost - weight lost 21.6 pounds = 2.89 pounds of muscle gained).

WOW, I'm so proud and I'm in it for the long run! Strong is the new sexy/skinny!
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