More fatigue, little loss

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear all

I am down this road again.

I went to hot yoga three times last week and once to the gym (strength and cardio). I ate less and had a protein shake in the morning of yoga and after my gym to minimize muscle loss. emoticon

My weigh in was thursday. I lost 600 grams. Truthfully, I expected more weight-loss because I increased my nutrition and exercise effort during the week. So I was again a little disappointed. But it's ok, I guess it is still a loss and it is within the healthy range. emoticon

I took a rest day on friday and went to the zoo with my boyfriend. Where, because they did not serve any healthy lunch options. I only had a coffee and two apples for lunch. Diner was more nutritious. I started feeling rather tired that day. emoticon

On saturday morning I went for hot yoga then a long day socialising with friend. In the evening it all went downhill. I was exhausted ... I have not been sleeping well ...


So sunday I rested all day and ate nutritious raw food to recuperate. The only exercise I did was a bit of walking and vacuuming.

Today (monday) I am back on my feet. But I cannot believe how tired I felt, just yesterday. emoticon

Has this ever happened to you?
If so, what did you do?
Was sleeping it off, a good solution?
Should I start working out (hot yoga) again today or wait?

I know I've asked many questions. But I would rather have answers from real people with real experiences.


And Many many thanks for all the helpful comments on my other posts. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    You may wish to go to the doc to get a complete blood work done. This will check the basics, and also check to see if you are anemic. I was anemic in my early 20s, and I was so tired I couldn't even see straight.

    Also, try to get enough calories per day, and if you are vegetarian, read a book to see all the different combinations to make a "complete" protein. For example, pair lentils with potato, and that gives a complete protein. Also, a whole egg (including the yolk) is a complete protein and very healthy for you.

    If you are not a vegetarian, then have a 4 oz piece of steak or hamburger--no more than 16 oz per week. There are certain amino acids present in steak that aren't in other foods.

    Raw food are great to eat, and you need to ensure that you have a variety of foods.

    You can also bring a dietician on board and they can provide you with professional feedback after examining your food log.

    If you haven't been sleeping well lately, then try to sleep it off to catch up with lost sleep. It is worth a try anyway.

    Hope this helps! Hope you feel better soon, too!



    2027 days ago

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    I agree with the other commenter s--- be careful that your intake is enough. Great job on the workouts!
    2028 days ago
  • AGK3112
    It do happen to me when I am working too much in one day and don't take enough rest. Recently (last saturday) I did my walk first then strength exercise and after 30 min walk again. I felt restless for 3 days. I was getting enough sleep but no luck with rest.

    About your weight loss if I were you I wouldn't get disappoint because 600 grams is better then nothing. Why I am saying this because I am been seeing same number on my scale since 4 week..yes few gram is here or there but lb wise I have not lost a bit. I feel more energy, my clothes are losing up, I have better sleep quality and I feel like I have lots some weight but no changes.. emoticon
    2029 days ago
    Thank you
    I think I dwell too much on the BURN BURN BURN and don't feed my body enough to sustain.

    I am noting you advice, really needed to read it from real sparkpeople emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2030 days ago
    I have have that happen when I dont get enough calories in per day. If you up your exercises you should also up your calorie intake. This way you shouldn't feel that tired or run down.
    Hope I could be of some help answering your questions emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    2030 days ago
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