Building A Sense of Community: Partner WODs

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Every night, I check my Box' website for the next day's WOD. Last night was no different.

However, when I saw what today's WOD entailed, I thought Pete had lost his mind!

This is what I saw:

For time:

100 Power cleans (75#/55#)
400m Run

100 Front squat (75#/55#)
400m Run

100 Push press (75#/55#)
400m Run

100 Back squat (75#/55#)
400m Run

Mind you, every WOD is scalable. But even with scaling, this seemed like a daunting task! Since it was 'For Time', you are also competing against the clock. For me to complete this one would probably take hours!

After recovering and wondering how in Hades I was going to finish this one, I noticed that I missed 2 little words that made this WOD doable...'Partner WOD'!

Partner WODs are when you work with another CFer to complete the reps. So instead of completing 100 reps, you each complete 50. In this context, it's just another workout...still tough...but not horrendous!

Since we on the East Coast are all prepping for the Frankenstorm, only 3 of us showed up for the 1:45pm WOD -- Candi, Ned and me. So instead of working in 2s, all 3 of us worked as a team. Peace of cake, right? All each of us had to do was approximately 33? Well no. Remember WODs are scalable. Most people think that means scaling down...in essence making it easier and more manageable. This is the more common form of scaling, but WODs can be scaled upward too.

You guessed it...our WOD was scaled up by 50 reps. Collectively, we had to complete 150 reps of power cleans, front squats, push presses and back squats. But, we still had to finish only our original 50 reps.

Another good thing about Partner WODs is that if a member of the team is stronger in one technique than another, then the team can decide to have that person take the lion's share of his/her's strongest exercise while the other members picked up his/her reps during the other techniques.

Candi and I scaled the weight due to the number of reps. Larry, our coach for the day, scaled our run because none of us were strong runners...and so that we wouldn't be there for hours. Lol.

We all began with a sense of trepidation. Candi and I decided to go first. Oh, I failed to mention that since this was a partners workout, only 2 people could be on the barbells at a time. So we decided to keep Ned as our our ringer. As we worked the WOD, we each got a sense of each of our abilities. We rooted each other on and were able to tag team and step in when a team member began to struggle...because CFers DNF (do not fail)! After our last run, we collapsed together in exhaustion and commiserated! We had survived the WOD as a team because we worked together, supported each other and propped each other up as needed.

Overall, we didn't do too shabby. We finished in 30:03...right around the times of those in the earlier sessions.

We left the Box today knowing that if faced with another killer team WOD, we would be able to finish it with no problem...especially if we were working together.
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