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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ok so I'm having trouble with my lower back & I don't know why. It started around Wed night after I had finished doing my son's hair. I figured it was just the way I was sitting and my body being tired. So it hurt all the next day whenever I would move, but it didn't keep me from doing things. So as the week went on, the dull pain subsided and I started to feel better and forgot about it. So I haven't exactly been in my BLC groove this past week and half & I said yesterday that I was going to get back at it because slacking ISN'T a good look for me!!

Even though it was 40 degrees and the wind was blowing, I put on my better half's long john shirt, his hat with ear flaps, a pair of yoga capris I made from one of his t-shirts and I decided I was going for a 5k. I was feeling good, had my praise music going just walking about 2.8-3.4 mph and singing and praising!! I always try to beat my time so that when I actually do run a race, Im good..ya know. Well anywhoo, I was feeling like I needed to be jogging and that's what I did. I was still feeling great, endurance and stamina are progressing so much that I could run a little longer than usual-which is about a minute to minute and half. Well as I'm coming up on 2.8 or 2.9 miles after a quick jog at about 4.8-5 mph and my lower back starts to hurt!! BUT this isn't the soreness I was having from a few nights before. This was so bad that it hurt when I walked. I had to hold my breath a little when I was slowing down walking. So I realized that I was putting alot of pressure on my right hamstring because it was starting to tense up. So I stopped to stretch my hamstring before it started cramping. Then I continued to walk because I had to finish my 3.1 miles. I ended up doing 3.3 in a hour and 3 minutes, but I had to pull myself up into my truck with the roof handle I was in so much pain with my back.

Ok so I weathered thru it when I got home because I had to cook for my family and I finally laid down. It only hurts badly when I try to sit up straight. I can walk fine or even bend, but getting up or in an upright position was a task. So I took some pain reliever and slept it off. This morning it was feeling alot better. I went to church & we prayed over it in Sunday school & I feel ok now and I am going to continue to speak and pray healing over my body!!

My question for you all is: have you ever had any type of injury like this and what kind of exercises can I do without straining. OR should I even try anything?? I am going to see if walking for an extended amount of time will help, but what else can I do. I am used to jogging, dancing, weights, boot camp, kickboxing, all of that good stuff. And since I have been slacking, I need to step it up!! emoticon So any advice from you ladies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies, help me out please with some advice and ideas
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    I agree with ZIGGY122 that going to the chiropractor once, maybe twice just to get yourself back in allignment will help. The epsom salt baths afterwards help. I was alos told by a massage therapist that if your hamstrings are tight, they will pull on your glutes which will pull on your back. Somthing that will relieve some of the pressure is to lay on the floor and put your legs up on the couch with your knees bent. Lay there for fifteen minutes at the beginning of your day (before you workout) and at the end of your day. You won't believe how relaxing this is for the back.
    2883 days ago
    Thanks so much for the advice. Lynn the stretches are helping and also taking the pain reliever is really helping me out throughout out the day. I am still kind of scared to do any exercise other than walking, but I'm about to give some dancing or Wii fit exercises a chance and see how that goes. I will keep you posted. And once again, thanks for the support! emoticon
    2883 days ago
    I battle back issues and had back surgery in 2006. I know when my weight creeps up, it really hurts so I focus on core stabilizing exercises like planks and reverse bridges. Try working yourself up to holding a plank for 1-3 mins at a time followed by swimmers and then reverse bridges. A strong core will help ease some of the back issues, if it's just muscle soreness/aches/pains. Also, tight hams, glutes and quads will pull on your lower back so remember to really stretch following your workouts - or do some yoga post your walks/runs.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    2884 days ago
    Hi Love,

    Back injuries are very hard to deal with, and if you was doing your son’s hair while he was sitting on the floor, then I believe you put a successor on your lower back; pretty much and might have some arthritis going on in your lower back. What I do to help with arthritis is Advil or Alive –Alive is much better I think, but I take Advil 30 minutes before I even head out for a walk to head off some of the pain. Alive is better, but doctors always suggest Advil. Get some Epsom salt and add 2 cups to a hot nice bath and put on some icy hot. You know the one Shaq puts on his back, or that patch he wear; you can do that when you go to bed at night. I’ve done that a time or two, and it helps out a great deal. Also, another thing that helps with Arthritis is light yoga.

    Check out some exercises for lower back pain online, and start doing those in the morning; like stretches when you first wake up in the morning. Torso Twist smooth rotations left and right do 6 sets of these, and then do a few toe touches. Do 6 sets of those too, don’t bend at the knees, but bend down as far as you can and give your back a good stretch do these before bed and after waking up in the morning, and when you feel tightness in your lower back repeat those moves or do a back bend. Bend back and come back forward, don’t push yourself past the pain, now if you feel pain hit. Then that means you have a pinch nerve, and I strongly believe that you might have a pinched nerve, but if the pain doesn’t show. Then you know Arthritis is your issue, but if it don’t go away within 3 to 4 days; then I strongly suggest you go see your family doctor. So you can get some meds for inflammation.

    I know about back pain all too well, and I’ve been advised that my weight was the cause of my back issues in the past. And my high butt. So work on some stretching exercises for the next few days, with everything else and if the pain is still there –go and see your family doctor.

    2885 days ago
  • ZIGGY122
    emoticon Usually, when I can walk and stand ...but have trouble getting up from my bed or a chair means I am out of alignment and I need to make a trip to my chiropractor.
    2885 days ago
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