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Prepping for Sandy

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last winter I spent a week without power. It was caused by a transformer in my condo development and left 4 buildings with no heat and no electricity for an entire week. Even the 'emergency' alarm systems died and our condo management, true to their standards, did absolutely NOTHING.
No back up lighting, no info, no extra pressure on the utility company to get it fixed. Zip, nada, zilch.
When some irate owners questioned them, they simply said, it was the owners responsibility to call the utility company and get it done.
{...and you wonder why I sometimes binge...
these are the same idiots who did nothing with my psycho neighbor...}
I know that it is said, if you think the best of people ...
they will respond in kind.
The people that made up that saying, never met this crew.
but I digress.

Last time the power went out, I had no option and had to stay in my condo.
I learned that a freezer of frozen food is like throwing money in the garbage....
this time, I'm cooking what I have, with the intention of freezing it, so if I do lose power for a length of time, I have considerably less waste, as I can defrost and use the chicken and pork chops that have been pre-cooked (like home made cold cuts), and eat them with a nice assortment of veggies and fruit.

When the New York City Mayor starts warning that the Big Apple may be forced to take emergency procedures...You know things are going to be bad.

And for those of you who bought the Halloween Candy ahead of time....
and you KNOW who you are...
Don't listen to those voices coming from your stash.
Stay Strong and stay safe

P.S. Mayor Bloomberg warned New Yorkers not to try surfing the waves...
it is dangerous... emoticon

Just an update (from my 10/29 blog)
I cooked all my meat yesterday, individually wrapped each portion, and put it in the freezer. I'm thinking of doing the same to some brown rice.
I'm making hard boiled eggs right now and filling up plastic containers with
water to freeze them, in the hopes that in the event that I do lose power for an extended period, it will help keep my freezer cold.
The cell phone is totally charged, I've got loads of candles (real and flameless),
I have a couple of battery operated lanterns, and I even have a tarp and duck tape.
Someone reminded me...extra batteries.

As I said ... I went thru this before...
last time the temp was still mild, but 55 degrees feels plenty cold when you've been sitting in it for a few days. I learned to use the rack from my toaster oven, to set up a small stove, so that while I had the real candles burning, I also had a teapot above it...and I was able to have a warm cup of tea throughout the day.

Hope everyone in Sandy's path stays healthy and safe.
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