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6 months later

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Woops! I missed my 6 months Sparkversary on October 15th! Sooo let's do this two weeks late LOL

First of all well my week's been great. I ALMOST had a perfect week, goals-wise (which has... never happened, hahaha). But it started getting bad Thursday - I was supposed to go swim with my boyfriend but I had a terrible headaches (they've started with my meal plan; I guess I'm not adjusting well and should eat more, but they're not constant so I dunno); Friday night I felt lazy and did NOTHING, and yesterday I even skipped gym. BUT I jogged to make up for it. I think I have somewhat of a cold because my throat is always dry. I don't cough though, so I guess it's just latent or something. I slept a LOT the last two nights, and I think I'm a little tired. Getting up late means having less time means I often feel too lazy for the gym :P aaaand I really hate going to the gym on afternoons in the weekends because it's full of young douches who take up all the space and makeuped sweatless bimbos (I am judging, I know).

So I skipped the gym yesterday but when I realized it was 4 in the afternoon and I had done nothing with my day except play videogames and read, I decided it was time to move. So I went for a 5k jog. I hadn't ran a 5k in a while. In more than a month, I think! My surgery at the end of September stopped me from doing pretty much everything and then I always had something - a cold, sore legs, whatever, so when I jogged I did a max of 4 kms. But this time, NOPE.

Also it felt weird running when it was still light outside (not sunny because it's all cloudy and blah). I always run in the evening when people don't see me. And yesterday people could easily see me. But I stopped thinking about that after 5 minutes.

CRAMPS. I just remembered. I always get cramps when I jog now. They barely happened before, or they happened at the very end and I could ignore them and just keep running. But now after 1k or 2 I get cramps, I can still run for a few minutes then I have to walk and press really hard on the cramp site for a few minutes. It goes away, I run, and it comes back 5 minutes after. It happened real BAD last Monday, to the point of bringing me to tears (of frustration, not pain) and having me kick a concrete pole and stupidly hurt my foot. So I ran 4k instead of 5, and I was so frustrated that I alternated between really fast walking and really fast running. I thought about my body, "you want a cramp? THEN YOU'LL DESERVE IT". What a beautiful mind! XD

The cramps always happen at the same spot - on my left side, just above my hipbone. Anyone knows why? I don't think it's food because when I jog, I've eaten a minimum of one hour before, usually one hour and a half. Is it my breathing? I don't think I've changed anything in my running, so I don't understand why they happen constantly all of a sudden.

So anyway. A good week. After I came back from my jog, I took a shower, washed the dishes... and Fred arrived. He used to finish work at 7 PM on weekends, and I'm still not used to his new schedule of ending at 6. Supper wasn't ready, and I didn't feel like cooking. We hadn't been to the restaurant in a while, so I decided to treat us to some Pacini. Had a salad, half a pizza and fries. BUT didn't feel guilty at all. Because I do deserve it from time to time! And I've been doing REALLY good food-wise since I started my meal plan. I never had any dessert (except my daily square of dark chocolate), there are plenty of candy in the kitchen and I never had any while Fred's been pigging down on mini chocolate bars and Maynard candy :P and excluding the headaches I feel real good. I'm only seeing my nutritionist in two weeks so I'm trying to adjust what I eat, adding a little bit there and there - half a portion of proteins, a portion of feculents...

It went past so freakin' quick! I can't believe I've been here 6 months actually!
Here's a little topo:

In 6 months, I lots 13 pounds, going from 173 to 160.
I lost 3 inches of waist, 1 inch on my hips, 1,5 inch on my thighs and half an inch on my arms. (I'm not very precise when I take my measurements, so that could be wrong. LOL)
I've made a few very good friends here. I've seen people come and go, but I know who's here to stay.
I've wrote (too lazy to count) a ton of blog entries about my journey to health, my struggles, my life in general, my ups and downs.
I've worked out for about 7500 minutes! That's more than 5 whole days!
I went from hardly running 3 kms to running a whole 5k without walking.
6 months later I feel happier and better. I feel healthier. I like what I see in the mirror. I can't believe my belly's shrinked to a normal size - it's just a little fat bump now. My thighs are more muscles than fat. I can flex my arms muscles and see them! My face is thinner. I can even see my cheekbones now. I feel thin and powerful. I'm not gym-shy anymore. I've developed a whole new way of living and thinking.
6 months after joining Spark I think my mind, even though not completely cured, is very well on its way to health. I can't even remember the last time I thought of myself as fat.

Recently my boyfriend told me I was beautiful. I asked him why he thought I am beautiful.
He said
"because you look at ease with yourself."
The most beautiful compliment he could make me.

Thank you Spark, and thank you, my good and fellow sparkfriends. :)
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    yayy u , ur doing amazinng i luv seeing u ariund an reading ur blogs :))) thank u 4 sharing :)) keep sparking
    2034 days ago
    You've done amazing things in 6 months and it shows in your beautiful smiling face. Here's to another 6 months and than another and another.......
    2034 days ago
    Congrats!!! You're doing awesome job! You are not a quitter, and I know you wil stick to your plan.

    We can do this! emoticon
    2034 days ago
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