Zombie Revolution

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thanks to all the good advice I received from Sparkers, I've managed to stay off the scale this week. Good thing too, as I don't need another reason to fall off the wagon!

I'm learning (slowly, slowly) to focus on other signs of progress.

Here's one.

For years I've wanted to participate in group walks/outdoor activities but was always too tired - too afraid I might not be able keep up with regular folk. Being cautious stopped me from going all out and trying everything. And while I cannot say I was unhappy, for many years I stood by on the sidelines, watching as other people joined in.

So I jumped at the chance to be part of the Zombie Revolution. I wasn't quite sure what that entailed. Instructions were vague to say the least. We were sent mp3s but couldn't play them until the night. All I knew is we were raising money for charity and dressing up.

Four of us decided to go and had a blast, going as corporate zombie, sailor zombie, outback zombie & didn't-have-a-costume-so-threw
-on-some-lastminute-makeup, zombie.

We met up with a pretty decent group at the Tate Modern at 7:00pm, everyone hilariously dressed. There were loads of photographers and people videoing the event. Every five seconds I was blinded by someone's flash and calls of 'Hey Flesh Crawler, over here.' But it wasn't until later when I realised the event consisted of a walk. A WALK on the coldest night of the year! In the RAIN.

The undead-participants had to walk from London Bridge to Westminster, everyone ambling zombie-fashion down the streets of London, moaning and scaring random pedestrians. We had brief stops where we all stood as a group and listened to our individual Mp3s. We danced, did Zumba moves, ran and hid, jumped up and down, played Simon Says and at one point screamed en masse at the top of our lungs.

All in all, it was over two hours of outdoor fun, despite the weather and the lack of suitable footwear. Toward the end of the night I didn't even have to pretend to have rigor mortis. My poor knee was so stiff from the walk and the cold and wet.

Still, I participated. I didn't sit by and say: I wish, I wish, I wish.

I did. And I had a great time. Take that, scale.

Corporate Zombie looking suitably spooky

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