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Consistency: 55lbs down, 37 to go.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

So consistency is totally the key to me losing 55 pounds, and it will be the tool I continue to use to lose 37 more. I have been on Spark daily now for just over 7 months! That is the longest I have to stuck with any diet or lifestyle plan. 55 pounds is the most I've EVER lost during any weight loss attempt. 217 is the lowest weight I've seen in at least 5 years! emoticon I have bad days, I have noticed a trend of me having about 6 bad days a month. 6 sounds like a lot, it's almost a week, but it's amazing how if we hang in there and emoticon , we can just keep on going.

I am sort of tweaking some things right now, only just a bit. I now have a fitness goal of working out 5 days for sure, 6 if I'm up to it. I used to push myself so hard to meet these calories burned goals that were making me miserable. Why would I want to be miserable?

So the revamped plan is to burn 1320 calories per week. That number works out great for me.

My goals are now set to lose 1.4 pounds a week which has me at a max calorie range of 1720. Now that is some calories I can work with! I don't find myself eating extra just "because I can", but on those hungrier days I am happy to use them up.

With the Holidays coming and a vacation to my Grandma's house for 6 days out of my beautiful 24 day vacation (I can't freakin' wait you guys LOL emoticon), there is going to be some buffet eating (she lives in Vegas baby). There is going to be some indulging, but at the end of the day consistency is what matters. What we do the majority of the time is what can get us to where we want to go, or stop us dead in our tracks. It took me so long to learn this, but now that I did I'm holding on tight!

Consistency took me from 272ISH:

To 217 (photo shows 227 but close enough, new pictures at 60lbs down for sure):


And I know it'll take me right down the road to Onederland!
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