Rainbow of Freggies

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sticking to this week's theme of Wizard of Oz, the weekend challenge is to eat a "rainbow" of freggies. Get it? Rainbow. Wizard of Oz. Those BLC leaders are such a clever bunch.

I am lucky to live 5 minutes from a multitude of great grocery stores. Whole Foods and New Seasons to the east, and to the west Trader Joes & Joe's Farm (seriously a working farm in the center of our city). Directly north of me is Winco and south of me is a Safeway. In the next block over is Chuck's Produce, a giant independently owned store that specializes in produce.

A quick walk through Chuck's this afternoon and I came home with a bag full of this

I already had the celery hearts, frozen edamame and cherries, cauliflower, V8 juice and olives (which seems like a stretch to count as a vegetable but it's on the list).
After purchasing a giant apple, red grapes, tomatoes and watermelon, I've got my red.
Kiwi gives me three green because, honestly, I'm not going to eat a lime, the juice goes on the watermelon.
Mango smoothie, an orange, papaya, sweet pepper, yam and a package of matchstick carrots makes my yellow/orange quota.
White is a little short with only bananas (obviously from the looks of them they'll become banana pancakes), sweet onion and cauliflower. Maybe I'll go back for a jicama.
Blue/Purple is real shaky with only purple potatoes. It would be easy enough to finish it out with blueberries, prunes and some purple grapes. We'll see how that shakes out.
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