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Turn Around

Friday, October 26, 2012

A lot of things were not going too well. Two year old Gwen is sick. Naturally, she's fussy and that takes a lot out of me. Hubby has probably the worst cold he's had in over 30 years. It seems like he was a little sick for a couple weeks and now suddenly it is much worse. So I'm having to do some things for him and some things he usually does. I would not describe him as fussy, but I can't think of a more accurate word. On Monday Hubby got stopped by police (I was in the car) and received a $153 ticket for forgetting to renew his registration; and it is 3 points on license which may raise insurance rates. Seems like there are a million home maintenance issues and we are only getting to 900,000. OK, I am exaggerating, but some days I look around and want to run away from home!! Talk about running, I've even got a conflict with my running group about my last long run before my half marathon. When I was focused on the negative, I kept finding it.

I was just feeling less than enthusiastic about anything this morning. Then getting on the scale made me feel worse. I wanted to do something to turn around my focus on the negative and I did.

Do you know what made me feel better almost immediately? I put on some clothes I really like. I chose something I usually save for going out, but just decided to wear it on this day even though I wasn't going to do anything special. Honestly, I don't know why it made me feel so much better. Seems kind of shallow, but it worked all day. And I'm thankful.

Gwen seemed a little better by this afternoon, I've got chicken soup for hubby, and hand sanitizer for me. Looks like our Galloway program director will run my last long run with me. Everything else will wait. I'm thankful that I'm feeling positive and feeling healthy!!
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    I don't think that putting on a nice outfit is shallow at all! I do the same thing when I feel down. I read somewhere that when you like the way you look that it does have the effect of making you feel better. I think it has something to do with color too. If I wear my favorite color, I naturally feel good.

    Thank goodness your Galloway program director is going to step up to the plate and run with you. That is very generous of him and good for you too! I know that you'll be a good running buddy!

    If Gary has been sick for two weeks, it may be time for him to visit a doctor. I know that diabetics have different immune systems and I tell Mike the same thing. A lingering illness is nothing to play with when you are diabetic. Would cantankerous describe a sick hubby? I know that's how mine acts when he doesn't feel good. LOL

    I'm glad Gwen is starting to get better. I've missed seeing you both at the gym this past week. That is most likely why you are having a bad time with the scale too. You are out of your normal routine of exercise, socializing and eating on plan. Once you get back in the groove, everything will drop back into place.

    I'm sending you and your family positive vibes! Take care of yourself!
    2037 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Stay strong and focused, Marsha! I think you did the perfect move to feel better. That shows strong positive waves and a healthy mindset! I'll have to remember to add your move to my repertoire for getting rid of the negative! Now, if I can only find a new PINK running shirt!
    2038 days ago
    You have a great ability to look at the positives! I'm sure everyone will be feeling better soon.
    2038 days ago
    2038 days ago
    It does seem to come all at once, doesn't it? So glad you were able to motivate yourself to change your attitude. I hate feeling negative about things we can't change.
    2038 days ago
    It is difficult to keep a positive attitude when it
    seems as if the world is against you every step of
    the way. Hope everyone is feeling better. Good
    idea to wear clothes that put you in a better frame
    of mind. HUGS!
    2038 days ago
    Glad you managed to turn your sour mood to sweet Marsha, hope Gwen and hubby feel better soon.........hope you don't catch it too.

    I'll let you into a secret.....when I feel the blues I do exactly the same- get my favourite gear out and have a pamper, works every time!

    Have a good weekend emoticon
    2038 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So sorry your hubby and granddaughter are sick :( Way to turn a lousy day around! I sure hope you don't catch it -good plan with the hand sanitizer! That is nice the program director stepped up to run your last long run when you were unable to make the group run -that is a break! Dressing up in nice clothes isn't shallow -everyone likes to look good -glad it perked you up
    I hope your weekend goes much better!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2038 days ago
    Way to turn your day around! Proud of you! I hope Gwen and Hubby are better soon. You stay well! Hugs'
    2039 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Way to turn things into being Positive. God Bless Youn DH and Family. Have a Wonderful Week.Take Care.
    2039 days ago
    Wow, Marsha that is a lot to deal with. Yikes with Gwen and DH being ill.....remember to keep washing those hands and use sanitizer! I pray you don't get it. Good job on picking yourself up and doing something that makes you feel good.
    Have a good week end.
    2039 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon emoticon emoticon That's our girl! You are my inspiration! I know things will get better...seems like this week EVERYONE I know is having days like this...even me...dh walked by my computer (new in April) and sloshed coffee on it. I didn't think it did anything, but it doesn't type what it 1 is a U and 2 is an I...but luckily we always get the 3 year coverage so I packed it up!

    Everything is going to be better for ALL of us! Bless your heart for your great attitude! HUGS bigtime!
    2039 days ago

    It's all about attitude, isn't it.
    Hope you don't get sick too!
    2039 days ago
    Way to turn things into a positive. Have a great weekend.
    2039 days ago
    Ah, Marsha. So sorry you're having such a rough patch right now, but you sure were smart to find something to perk you up. Good for you! Glad Gwen seems to be getting better - hope DH does, too. Do whatever you can to stay well.

    2039 days ago
    Sorry you're having a tough patch; glad you found an excellent (calorie free) way of coping with it. It's always amazing how much better I feel when I put on some clothes I like!
    2039 days ago
    Ah... when you run away from home, can I come, too?

    Are you doing your "last long run" this weekend or next? I'm thinking I have to go moderately long this weekend, and a little longer next, then moderate the following weekend... then taper. I should be a proper coiled spring by the time race day arrives, with three days in a car on the road before the expo.

    As for the clothes making you feel a bit more yourself? I read an article oh, 40 years ago... they did this study with telephone workers, placing mirrors in front of them while they worked. Those in front of the mirrors smiled more, and it improved their customer interactions, making them more pleasant and positive. Never underestimate the power of a smile... and if wearing something that makes you smile will help your day... GO FOR IT!

    Hang in there, hun... we will make it. emoticon
    2039 days ago
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