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Friday, October 26, 2012

As I've commented a few times on several of my groups about my menu board, I've had alot of requess on how I do it, and how it works so I thought I would take a blog post and do a quick tutorial. My board is created from the basis of one I saw on pinterest a year ago and modified it to fit our family. My total cost to create it was about 20 dollars, because I had NONE of the supplies that went into making it, and I wanted it to be cute and fun, so the kids would help participate in menu planning. Here's a photo of my menu board, which hangs outside my pantry:

Supply list includes:
Dry Erase calendar board w/bulletin board strip on the bottom (Walmart, around 9.00)
Plastic round jewels (pkg of about 60 from Walmart, around 4.00)
Package of round peel-n-stick magnets (Michaels, 2-3.00)
1 roll of magnetic peel-n-stick strip tape (Michaels, 2-3.00)
Card stock in various colors (I got 2 multi color packs for 6-7.00 each)
box of push pins
1 package of binder rings

Since you can't see it very detailed, each color you see is a different type of meal (chicken recipes, seafood, beef, asian, italian, comfort foods, etc) I have a rectangle that fits in each calendar square that has a meal name in its corresponding color. Having different foods different colors helps me quickly see that I have a good variety of different meals. For each meal plan there is a cooresponding recipe card hanging across the bottom. As I get ready to make dinner for the day, I can just grab the recipe card and its all right there for me. When I get ready to go to the grocery store, I just grab my recipe cards for the week or whatever days I'm shopping for and I can make my grocery list from the ingredients right on the cards.

The blank days are nights we are not at home, so no meal is planned. There is a "scrounge for leftovers" as well so I'm not cooking every day. Now, this probably won't work well for everyone, but we have a large family (4 kids) so this helps because everyone knows what we are having, and I know in advance that I have everything I need for that meal. Also, when I plan for the month it takes about 20 minutes and the kids get to help pick meals, by flipping through my recipe cards and filling in the days with meals they want to have. I let each child pick 2-3 meals each month and I fill in the rest to make a good balance.

If you want more specifics or some of the templates I have for my board, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to share!

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