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It's Been Complicated AND I Want to Walk It Off Now

Friday, October 26, 2012

These two tomatoes grew without any help from me. I did nothing to help them throughout the entire summer - oh I might have given them the occasional bit of water but truth be told I pretty well forgot about them after I gave them up for done about a month ago. Yesterday I discovered they were both perfectly ready for picking.

The day started out as a good one. The weather was more than promising. We were about to have one of the nicest days in a long time - 20C (almost 70F) and a friend and I had planned a visit to see the Frida & Deigo show at the Art Gallery of Ontario BUT ... not to be for me ... as I stepped out of the shower I thought I heard my hairdryer going ... hmmm.

It was the top of the connector pipe to the shut off valve coming from the toilet tank spraying water full force onto my bathroom floor which was already about 1-1/2" covered with water and being absorbed by wall-to-wall rug in the hallway. I hadn't been in the shower very long and am still amazed that I was actually in the bathroom when this happened because had I not been, there would have been irreparable damage done. I hopped on that shut off and threw down my towels, ran downstairs and pulled things away from the walls where water leaks down through an air vent onto 4 spots where I situated bowls (the toilet overflowed once so I knew what to do) and I called my friend. UGH!

Once things were under control I called my friend back and we made plans to meet up after she'd seen the show. [I called my father and was assured I could leave the house once things were turned off and under control. I have a friend who helps me with household repairs and she is going to come over to help replace the defective part.]

What a day. I have to say it made me feel like it was just more of the same of what I've been experiencing lately. It began when my furnace and air conditioner needed to be replaced in late July. August was good as I left and went to live on Toronto Island to write BUT September back to work was not easy and things, though closer to getting resolved, still aren't (and truthfully resolution needs to wait until January now to not uproot all that's in place at this point). Fingers crossed.

I'm turning a corner though. I have cleared off my treadmill and pre-ordered the new fitbit (thanks Wanda for recommending it). I received my no questions asked check from Up ... their product is similar to fitbit but they had many difficulties with it and when the second one konked out on me, I asked for a refund). I loved it and think I will probably really love the new fitbit.

I'll begin a serious walking program on Monday and hope to focus on myself now that other things have been put in place to cope until my schedule is sorted out. I've been using my juicer on a regular basis and really love it. It's what got me through most of Sept and October and will continue providing me with a healthy alternative to lunches as I sip my way through work and keep nutritionally pumped.

I found this great website to calculate calories on the juices (which surprisingly can be as high as 300 calories to a glass).

My favourite drink is either kale, carrot, apple, pineapple, lemon and ginger OR kale, beet, carrot, orange, apple. At some point, when I have a spare moment I will calculate what each bottle (2 cups) contains because I'm going to get back to tracking what I'm eating as I Walk Off some of what's been Going On these past few months!

I hope everyone is solving problems that come up and keeping on track.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your life sounds like mine! Everything breaks in 3s or 4s and no one is every around to fix it, so I end up doing it.

    I have even volunteered - yes, I did say that - to replace toilets at my best friend's house. Her hubby is not "fix-it" inclined and is pretty lazy, so I told her I would do it as long as I didn't have to lift aything heavy because I have severe back and neck issues and have no grip sometimes and I would hate to smash a brand new toilet by dropping it on the floor!

    So I understand exactly what you are going through! We even had to dig a new well this year and replace out 5 ton heat/air unit! So Iam tiptoeing around and praying that nothing else goes to pot!

    Good luck!
    2058 days ago
    Oh no! You've had far more than your share of household repairs. They're not cheap or easy!! And I'm so sorry that you missed the show with your friend on top of the repair and the clean-up. I hope things go easier for you very soon. I am glad that you're enjoying your juices and they seem to be working out well for you as well. Fingers crossed that everything is resolved finally for your benefit in January.

    We've been talking about doing a 5K in February and the timing has to be a 16 minute mile, which I doubt that I could do today, but I have never tried or timed it. I printed out the course for the one we're considering and I thought about starting to go a few times a week to get used to walking it or a version of it (the parts I have access to) and start building up my stamina. I like the idea, especially as our temps are beginning to drop a bit. I know that once I make myself start, I'll do it regularly.

    I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend and that things go better for you all around.
    2066 days ago
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