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Goal Check In - Only One Week Left!

Friday, October 26, 2012

We are 83.8% of the way done with the month.

Run 30 miles - taking this goal off. No way to safely accomplish it this month.
1,000 squats (835 accomplished; 83.5% complete).
1,000 lateral lunges (same as above).
Every week average in range for calories, protein and sodium. - Went over on my average calories and sodium.
Start taking an iron supplement (waiting for my physical so I can clear that with the doc). DOC SAYS NO.
Save 100$. Yeah, no.
Blog an update every week. (HI!)
Completely track 28 days worth of my food. So far, all but one day tracked!
8 cups of water a day. Four days missed so far.
Finish researching all of the candidates for all of the elections. I know the president, governor and representative. It looks like I will be doing a straight party vote for all of the partisan offices except for President/VP (third party). Now I just need to figure out the non-partisan offices (hiya, judges!) and then I'm good to go do early voting! I will be stocking up on my booze this week sometime; I intend to be drinking and staying up almost all night on November 6th.

The only reason I am so close on my lunges/squats goal is because I powered out 100 reps of each a few mights ago. I was falling seriously behind, so I've been cranking it up a notch!

I went for my physical yesterday. We wont get lab results back for a few more days, but I don't expect any surprises. They did bloodwork for my thyroid, the regular blood-sugar type test, cholesterol (dad died of a heart attack over 25 years ago, so I definitely am at-risk) and one other that I can't remember that tests for iron. The doc said that, unless the iron test pulls out something strange, then I do not need an iron supplement. So, that is taken off of the goals for this month.

I lost another pound! That makes 25 pounds lost so far! Just 13 more pounds until I will be "overweight" instead of "obese".

This weekend will be crazy. We are selling popcorn at two masses on Sunday- one at 7:30 a.m. We got a ton of money selling at a different church last weekend; hoping we do as well this weekend. Tonight we have football practice, tomorrow afternoon is the football game, and then tomorrow evening is the football awards ceremony. My DSS's team is still undefeated- hoping they can keep it up for just two more games!

I ran three days this week, which makes me happy. It is only 1 mile of running each time, along with a few minutes of walking to make up the 40 minute workout. I am SO glad I made myself wake up early even though I wasn't able to run when I was injured; otherwise waking up at 4:45 now would be absolutely miserable. Yay for forethought!

I started a new challenge, Sparking as a Team. Next week, I will post about that. I want my October stuff done before I even start thinking about SoaT.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!
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