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Maintaining without tracking - First 3 steps

Friday, October 26, 2012

I have already posted a blog about maintaining without tracking where I had found two important steps for me before I move away from tracking. These are:
*Avoid Sweet Treats 5 x per week (set as a goal on 'other goals' page)
*Create and use a category called Allowances - foods I eat every day so I only have to track lunch, dinner and snacks

Progress so far is good and I feel more ready to steer away from the food tracker. I will continue to use the fruit and veg tracker and water tracker and of course I will always track my fitness.

I don't think I'm going to be ready to give up tracking though until I hit my happy weight. I don't know when that's likely to be because even though I have a goal weight of 119lbs I'm not really aiming for that anymore. Yesterday I changed my status to: when you’ve hit the tipping point where you really can’t eat less without feeling lousy and the scale has stopped moving, you’re at the finish line. I know I'm close because I really could eat more, well the last couple of weeks I've been hungry all the time! I've added carbs in this week and taken a day or two off my usual exercise to see if that helps but it may just be that I'm getting close to my tipping point. It was a pleasant surprise though to see a loss of 1.2lbs over the last two weeks, so I guess I'm not there yet. I want to stop tracking when I hit that tipping point, not before. Based on my loss for the last two weeks ad my current goal weight this could be as early as Christmas if not then early in the New Year.

I have successfully implemented my first two steps, well the allowances thing I was doing already but the not eating sweet things 5 x a week- I managed 4 days last week, which was good because I only had 6 days left to track that and today is day 5 of not eating sweet things. I'm really pleased that I've managed to go 5 consecutive days but it doesn't really matter if I split it up a bit. I just really wanted to see if I can do 5 days because I can't remember going that long before. I think this is where my hunger really kicked in, most days if I ate a sweet treat it was about 100cals worth, but every time I've replaced these snack I have replaced them with protein foods with zero carbs. Maybe it's just going to take time to get used to this, maybe it'll get better if I add a few grams of carbs in too.

So Step 3 is a temporary step:

No tracking and no sweet treats 1 day a week.

I will try to hold myself in my calorie range by mentally keeping track of what I'm eating. This is just a practice for when I'm ready to do this all the time. Just like I trained for that half marathon, I'm training myself in how to eat without using the food tracker. It makes no difference when I do this day as long as I get one in per week. I'll track this on my 'other goals' page. Gradually I intend on upping the amount of days per week I do this until I track only once a week. I intend on tracking once a week indefinitely just to stop the slow creeping of portion sizes etc... I already have a day per week off tracking, but I usually track until 3pm ish and then we get a treat meal with a desert. Last week I had two days like this because I just couldn't stop eating after the half marathon. Seriously, the day of the run, the only thing I can give as an example is Pacman let loose in the kitchen! Oh well, I still lost weight so now time to move on from that.

Other things going on at the moment, as I went to get my shoes on Tuesday I noticed our boiler leaking (right onto my shoes so I had to wear my fluorescent purple runners with jeans!) I was late for a baby clinic appointment and after cutting up a drinks bottle to channel the water into a bowl I just got there on time. We are still without heating but thankfully it's still mild here. We have an open fire in the living room but we've had to temporally block up the one in the dining room because lighting a fire in the living room fills the dinning room with smoke - and I mean FILLS! We also borrowed a halogen heater off my parents to keep Amelia's bedroom warm. The only problem is it also lights the room up. She's still sleeping her usual 10-12 hours though!

Matt seems very stressed lately. I know there are things happening like the boiler but there's still other things going on in his mind that he's not talking to me about. This has only started happening since his colitis flare up a couple of months ago but it's something that has to be sorted now before it becomes a problem for us. So I think we'll be having a talk this weekend. I think he's not handling the colitis diagnosis very well, especially now he knows how a flare up feels. Completely understandable but something we need to work on together.

On a lighter side, I have been working on a few crochet and cross stitch project in my spare time, I just made a slipper for Amelia (I have to do the 2nd one tonight) and I've made some squares with a basket weave stitch to sew together into a blanket when I've made enough. I finished off the New Baby cross stitch, long overdue I know and I've strated back on my big cross stitch project which I have been working on for possibly 2 years and still only half way through! I'll post some pictures later in the week when I've finished the baby slippers.

Hope everyone has a good weekend emoticon Happy Sparking!
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    I love the way you're transitioning into this. I have a ways to go before I can get to that point, but I'm keeping a lot of this in mind. :D

    I hope things start going a little better at home. *hugs*
    2038 days ago
    Sounds great! Keep up the good work.
    2038 days ago
    You are doing well

    2038 days ago
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