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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The weather here is very erratic right now. Every few days it changes drastically. We can have hot, warm, cold, cool, windy, damp, rainy, muggy, and stormy all in the same week. We use the air conditioner one day and the furnace the next. It was a high of 81 today and will be 55 tomorrow.

The leaves have all changed. We went for a drive to look at the fall colors and discovered that the prettiest display is in our own yard and within a mile of us. LOL. One day the winds were wild and the leaves started to fall. We still have a lot on the trees but the ground was completely covered within a week. With all the nuts that have come down it's very precarious to walk outside.

We have not had a hard frost yet. My mums and impatiens are thriving. The rest of the vegetable garden plants are in the compost pile now. The herbs are still doing well but I decided to harvest the bulk of them early. I have basil, lemon balm, sage, parsley, marjoram, oregano, lavender, chives, rosemary, etc. drying on the back porch. I already harvested the fennel, dill, coriander, etc. I need to get the garden ready for winter soon.

It's hunting season again and will be until February. I see deer occasionally but we don't have the deer we used to thanks to the indiscriminate killing by the neighbors.

The turtles hibernated really early this year. I saw the last ones on September 25. Three of them came that day. They were not regulars from previous years but we were glad to have them. I miss them a lot.

Hubby and I went out early one morning and a twig broke on a limb and a squirrel almost fell on his head. It splatted on the ground but managed to crawl over under the lounger and sit there a couple minutes. It finally got up and climbed the tree. I hope it is okay. The squirrels are very busy right now. This is a good nut year so they have plenty to eat.

The birds are still singing even with the change in weather. I'm sure it's most likely just Wrenster. Wrenster is really cute but he a bigamist. He has multiple wives and families.

I have a sweet little chickadee who likes to look in the window and all around the bedroom. I'm sure he/she would come in if it could.

We still had a single hummer until October 5. I felt sorry for it because it looked lonely. I've never had one this late so I was worried it was not going to migrate. I guess it just wasn't ready and was building up it's strength for the long trip south.

I saw several turkeys in our yard recently. Some adults and young ones. They are really increasing in numbers.

The tree frogs are still making noise at night but they will go to bed before long too.

We saw Daisy, the neighborhood stray Lab, by the road eating some food someone had thrown out of their car. I later saw her in the neighbor's yard again and then I saw her with the neighbor. So she is doing okay so far. They have a dog house she can use.

We recently stopped and got some custard ice cream at our favorite place before it closes for the season. Their specialty is lemon and it is delicious. They have lots of good flavors of the day like Wild Cherry, Black Raspberry, Peach, Pineapple, etc. but lemon is always available.

Hubby and I have been getting some walks in when we can. When DST ends our daily walks will end as it will almost be dark by the time hubby gets home from work. I like DST and hate when it ends. Shorter days suck.

The tree trimming crew finally got around to our area. They spent hours shooting the bull with the idiot next door while cutting down every tree he wanted in his yard whether it was a threat or not but on our side they did next to nothing. They cut down one tree. I ended up having to call them about our tree problems 3 times after that. They are supposed to finally come out. We shall see.

Out post office is cutting back to 4 hours a day. It really sucks as it will go from being a pleasant experience to poor service where you stand in line like at the big ones. My GF will go from work 42 hours to 22.

We got another offer on my MIL's house on October 6. It's on the low end - $10,500 less than what the house is worth - but we accepted it. The house is costing us money. We hope this sale goes through. We have to do some repairs to satisfy the inspection.

We have been selling my MIL's possessions since March but the house, yard, shed, attic were packed so we still had a lot to sell. We have been having a lot of sales recently. We had the big estate sale last Friday and Saturday and sold tons of stuff. Hubby and I were alone as 2 of the women who were supposed to help us were ill and another had to take one of the other ones to the E.R. It was a mad house and we both worked 14 hours and didn't get to eat all day or use the rest room. One good thing is that when you don't have time to drink you don't pee much. LOL. We don't have any electricity or water there so it's a challenge.

The next day hubby and I had to go sit to Wal-mart and get 4 tires put on his work van.

Porkie had dental surgery in St. Louis on Saturday, October 6. Hubby and I went over there together and we ate at Culver's again. We took the truck as my car is slowly dying and I don't want a new one. We have too many cars.

Hubby, my son, and I have all been under the weather with allergies, sinus infections, colds, etc. I have the worst case of fever blisters I've ever had. Very painful and it's hard to eat.

I'm still not eating right nor getting enough exercise in due to my circumstances. I have too much to do and no spare time but I'm in good spirits. I'm tough.

Today is the day that our Wheeler died. I sure do miss my little girl. She was one of a kind.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Our weather is like yours, except for the muggy part. We had snow on the hills around us. We've had frost, but not everything is gone. Herbs, not the tender ones, but the rest. Carrots, beets, potatoes, are still in the ground. I need to dig the potatoes, the rest can stay. I canned peaches, beets, rhubarb, nectarines, tomatoes, applesauce and glad it's almost done.

    Wheeler is one you'll never stop missing, or smiling over.
    2066 days ago
    You are still in my prayers. Your illnesses take the wind out of your sales and especially for you because you do so many things.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2066 days ago
    Awww I am so sorry to hear about Wheeler =((( I hope your doing ok! Sounds like all the animals are attracted to u, you are such a nurturer. That's great u got a new offer on the house. I hope it goes through!
    2066 days ago
    It is good to see that you are at least having a bite on MIL's house. I know it will be a relief to get out from under it. Out weather here is crazy too. We had 80+ for the last few days and I walked to work this morning and the temp was 41 degrees. Stay safe and be happy. emoticon
    2066 days ago
    Thanks for the long catch up, I love it when i know what you are up to. I hope you get better soon, I am hoping as the stress levels go away you might have a bit more immunity.
    I was happy to hear that you went after those tree cutters the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and i can squeak when necessary, I am certain you can do that too.
    It was a relief you are seeing Daisy, such a shame she has been abandoned by her owner. I hope she learns to use the dog house in time for winter. Thanks for the KETCH UP, it has made my day. Missing Wheeler is sad but do remember her cute times. Pat in Maine.
    2066 days ago
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