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Extracurricular noms

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

This evening I'm feeling a bit rebellious and I head out to the supermarket, intent on mischief.

emoticon Not that I am planning to binge, you know. It's a characteristic of binges that they aren't usually planned. They just happen. No, I am just going to look round the aisles and find some nice sauce to put on my pasta because I haven't got the energy to make any. So low have I sunk.

I collar a jar of Dolmio lowfat bolognese sauce (when I'm putting it in the tracker later, the tracker doesn't recognise the brand and suggests a rather startling alternative which I would love to post on here but I would get into trouble for doing it. The tracker can get away with words we humble sparkers can't).

emoticonThen the binge demon and I go looking for trouble. I have plenty of calories left, as befits someone who's promised themselves a large plate of pasta for dinner. I start looking at extracurricular noms.

emoticonPick up a pack of chocolate waffles.

emoticonFive at 175 calories is er er ahem . . . way too many. Of course, I could go off-piste . . . no I couldn't.

emoticonWell who would know?

emoticonApart from me of course. Ay, there's the rub . . .

emoticonOr how about some biscuits (cookies to the American contingent) . . .

emoticonTen biscuits with jam and buttercream filling at 78 calories per bicky, even I can work out that that is 780 calories.

emoticonYou could have them INSTEAD of the pasta, of course.

emoticonNo I couldn't. I've got my metabolism to consider. Chocolate then. They've got small, negligible bars.

emoticonOr dirty great 400 gramme bars. Don't they look yummy?

emoticon How many cal . . . Oh come off it, don't even think about it! I'd feel sick if I ate one of those.

emoticonYou could eat some now and some tomorrow.

emoticonI won't, I'll eat it all tonight. And who's to say I'll have that many calories left tomorrow? Eh? Knowing me, I'll eat everything in sight tomorrow just BECAUSE I am trying to save calories to eat chocolate.

emoticon I win. I buy a Kitkat. Large one, 233 calories, and nom it in three bites before I get home.

End the day 100 calories under my top limit.

So there.

I just hope nobody was watching me on CCTV. They'll have thought I was barking.
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